Control Systems in E.H.I.S.:

With regard to automatic control, like that housing will operate properly with the fewer were needed better. In fact, after a long study, we identified more than a dozen:
1) Control of heat energy (natural and artificial lighting) through the use of tertiary finish like the laminated floor with thermal energy dissipation Polymer gas axial (weight human), including such areas, warm in winter and cool in summer. 2) Control intensity luminaires low (dimerization in all areas). 3) Control of Flood detectors. 4) Control the lights in bathrooms and common areas, detectors using ultrasound (While there is the human presence will switch on the lights, being also controlled by the intensity and time of the location of the house). 5) Control Roof garden irrigation (to cool energy in summer, evading-transpiration). 6) Control of electronic ionization, neutralization pH of the water. 7) Control of the temperature of the surroundings, as well as the purification of these nano particles of silver. 8) Control leak gas, butane. 9) Control of electrical leakage, (electrocution). 10) Control intrusion. gas is supplied by that supplies all the energy needs 11) Control TV surveillance. 12) Control of radio frequencies, mechanical openings. 13) Remote control, via telephone, cell phone or Internet, all household appliances. 14) Access Control and programming (biometrics, optical readers and termoceramico, inmotica).
With regard to communications, except the driver phone, cell phone or a computer, there was nothing that domotic system could offer except a central telefonica ‘intelligent’ of the mechanisms identified. having moved to Energy There is the possibility of talking directly with the control center of the housing in order to reschedule its operations, know the incidents or any automatic household trigger or appliance. These systems therefore make life easier, practical and functional. Of course each of these systems have much more power and control possibilities.
Values: Housing prices have been conceptualized by domestic and foreign markets by extrapolating such a mathematical algorithm that is between US130.000 .- .- and US170.000. To keep these values has been a key knowledge, implementation of better and cheaper technologies (primitive and modern), ecological building materials and the participation of multidisciplinary professionals in the area of sustainable intelligent buildings housing projects intelligently as Structural Engineers, Architects solar Construction Engineers, Informaticos, bioclimatic electricity electrical, landscaping, etc.. Rodrigo Cuevas Suarez, using simple typologies and constructive and structural systems that allow a huge savings in materials, labor and time of execution and therefore conducting a study done of the existing and new various sciences.
Raudal Technology:
“Tecnologico Raudal (excerpt published journal Bit-CDT): As noted, the contribution of technology to work is essential. So, Bicentennial Building domotic system is equipped with classified areas: security and alarm devices such as biometric access control energy consumption by programming time and temperature technology neoplasm, purifying, cooling and neutralizing the contamination of the area. In addition, remote control of the department generally and especially shutters, electro-valves, electronic appliances, lighting, smoke detectors, gas , and others, and finally, telecommunications systems NTI (New Information Technologies). In this mixed system is not everything in the hands of technology, Rodrigo Cuevas said: “The use of home automation is relative because if the building is ergonomic, ie tailored to the sun, has a energy costs high thermal inertia and the volumes of air are used for strong energy efficiency, superior to any system that provides automation and lower cost. “Advances in technology also observed in control of TV surveillance 24 hours on the Internet, radio control and mechanical openings, among others. The innovation does not stop. Another example is the smart elevators without machine room to build more green space and recreation areas terraces, which through a membrane weighing found its full capacity, avoiding unnecessary arrests between floors, which also contributes to energy saving. elevator includes reading Braille, 45-degree infrared curtains, and a speech synthesizer for not visionaries, among others.

P3 International P4400 Kill A Watt Electricity Usage Monitor by P3 International

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