Duty Free

Fruit, ornamental, forestry plants or parts of them. Flowers, dried flowers and garden plants. Earth. Wood or bark. Snails insects and others. Bees, honey and beeswax. Semen of animals, biological products and veterinary drugs. Small animals and pets (dogs, cats, other).

Birds. Living species, products or by-products of these, made from wildlife. Important to bear in mind: make an affidavit that is missing the truth constitutes offence and may be punished with minor in its minimum degree presidio middle (61 days to 3 years); refuse to formulate it shall be punished by a fine. For international departures the international boarding area, it is located on the third level. At the time of entering by international police, prompted the passenger his identification documents (whether identity card or passport), the visa stamped, depending on the destination country and the card of boarding.

After the control of airport security, boarding bridges are located. This sector only people coming out of the country have access. Those who return to join Chile and carry any item of value, must pass through the Customs Office, to make a declaration of temporary output of objects that return you to enter. Rates from boarding international flights less than 500 kms. US$ 12 international flights more than 500 kms. US$ 30 Duty Free: the Santiago international airport has four stores free of tax. I’ve been to several Duty Free from different countries and of Santiago is one of the most convenient that I found. Generally, there is little variety of items: typical cigarettes, liquors, candies, chocolates, perfumes, souvenirs. If it is a great smoker, I recommend to buy cigarettes in the Duty Free. One of the articles that more tax has in Chile are cigarettes. A pack of 20 cigarettes in the city costs $ 3 and the Dutty Free us$ 1,2 approx.

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