in the 80s and 90s, had a thriving industry Gweedore factory, where they set up to 20 large companies producing rubber, carpets, Slendertone, and cleaning agents. But in 2001 handed companies a serious blow when most of eastern cheaper destroyed these companies – European products. Lost up to 4,000 dealers, and this affected around Gweedore and very seriously. The factory in the townland of Crolly has been porcelain dolls manufacturing since 1939 under the name Crolly dolls. In 2003, the state was renamed as Ghn P irc Ghaoth Dobhair (Gweedore Business Park), and body Gaeltacht of dar s na Gaeltachta, began a campaign to entice businesses to Gweedore in the hope of restoring economic stability loss.This worked to some extent, when the contact 4 of the Scottish company opened a call center in the state, which provided more jobs in the community. In 2006, the companies that remain there are very successful, for example Euro Iomp Teo, Bia Ghaoth Dobhair, Pin 4 (now Iasachta Cr onna) and transcripts Celtic. The other sectors include some supermarkets, convenience stores, beauticians, barbers, contractors, garages, chemists, pubs, cafes, and five hotels established.

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