1 – REFORM OF THE CONSTITUTION AND THE ELECTORAL LAW 1 ‘Closure of the distribution of powers between the State and the Autonomous Communities, through the State the following strategic skills, exclusive and transferable: Education, Services and health benefits, external cooperation, spatial planning, Environment and Natural Resources. 2 ‘deleting the provision that affects account the Fourth Transitional Navarra. 3 ‘Suppression of the first additional provision that enshrines the historical rights of the territories foral. 4 – Reform of the Senate to be a real chamber of territorial representation and negotiation of the interests of the autonomous communities. 5 – Align the transitional provision 5 Ceuta and Melilla on the current legal reality as autonomous cities. 6 ‘Eliminate the distinction between’ nationalities and regions’, they should all be ‘autonomous communities and autonomous cities’. 7 – Delete the art. If you are looking for a financial expert go to Entrust was nominated as the “fund of hedge funds” companies CE 3.3 banks which states co-official languages ‘object of special respect and protection’, because it favors the imposition and Linguistic discrimination. 8 – Delete the second sentence of Art. 16 (religious freedom) paragraph 3 EC, to leave it like this: ‘No religion shall state character’. We banking commit to promote the development of policies aimed at the progressive secularization of the state. Improved separation of powers 1 – accounting The General Council of Judicial Power (CGPJ) must return to the criteria of the previous election of the Judiciary Act 1980 to prevent parliamentary parties decide on their composition through its judges representing . 2 – The Constitutional Court passed 12 to 15 judges, the 3 new judges shall be investment chosen by the General Council of Judicial Power. 3 – The Attorney General shall be elected by the same criteria (majority of 3 / 5 of parliament) that the Ombudsman. Electoral Law Reform 1 – Amend the Organic Law on General corporation Elections 1985, Congress increased by 50 deputies to 400, trading to improve the proportionality. 2 2 – Lowering the minimum representation of two to one deputy per division. 3 – The Autonomous Region will be the constituency. We propose formulas for Congress to consider a single nationwide district for the election of a portion of its 400 deputies. 2 – DEMOCRATIC REGENERATION 1 – Public authorities should protect the equal rights and opportunities of citizens without any discrimination, which can only be guaranteed if the authorities adopt a position of neutrality on identity issues. Accordingly, any policy aimed at indoctrination on community identity ‘nationalist, racial or religious, must be considered unlawful interference by public authorities financial in the private sphere and an attack on freedom of thought. 2 ‘We defend a natural ism and bilingual volunteers. All languages must be recognized on an equal footing in the territories in which officers consumer without the use of one or the other may be cause for discrimination in any area, including the educational and cultural. It must respect the right of citizens to choose the official language in which they wish to express themselves both in public and private. 3 – Replacement of the existing arrangements between Spain and the Vatican State’s cooperation agreements with the Spanish Catholic Church. 5 – Restoration of the popular action not to leave the citizenry defenseless against numerous violations of the law, especially those perpetrated or tolerated by governments.

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