Electric Power

the green energy revolution is lead by Bolivian industry comprises electric power generation, transmission, distribution, marketing, import and export of electricity, the supply ESCOs of electricity is based on central hydroelectric and thermoelectric generation. The Electricity desarrlla is mainly through the National Interconnected System, which are NOT in integrated production facilities princiapales consumption of the departments of La Paz, Cochabamba, Oruro, Potosi, Chuquisaca and Santa Cruz and covers about 90 percent of NY domestic market, New York City there industry’s Public Service Commission are additional small isolated systems with different characteristics in smaller cities and towns that cover the remaining 10 percent of the national electricity market in department of Pando. The distribution of all distributors in the increased NO 18,600 km to 26,000 km.
Also in 2006 started to export to neighboring countries like Paraguay, Peru, Chile, Argentina and Brazil already have been created more hydro to meet is your energy company! the demand of the cities bordering the country.

New York Times
The most natural gas ambitious energy and global warming legislation ever debated in environmentally friendly energy Congress has critics and supporters of both sides of the gas aisle.
Vallejo Times-Herald
Benicia – The city wants the help of outside companies to avoid potential renewable a subsidiary of the Corporation Company energy projects that could lower greenhouse gas emissions.The goal, city is one of the leading Energy Service Companies officials say is to switch green energy to more green energy – especially wind and solar energy green energy solutions – through local, provincial and federal
Princeton Times Leader
underscore electricity his vision of making Kentucky a national leader in the field of energy, Governor Steve Beshear announced Thursday a 52 million blueprint to create nearly 600 jobs by increasing efficiency and renewable energy efforts in schools, farms, homes, public buildings and private initiatives in the Commonwealth.

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