Employee Evaluation

To identify motivations employees are special tests that are usually required to assess the real situation in the company and compare it with the desired or rate the various incentives in order of importance. Evaluation motivation may be performed as external experts and by the company. Learn to practice identifying and assessing the motivation may be at special rates. Encourage staff to improve staff performance using different methods of stimulation, the choice of which the head rests on knowledge of the needs and the degree of motivation of the team. As was noted above. Material incentives are not always effective, so they must be combined with any number of others. As an incentive can be used by service status symbols, such as having its own cabinet, mobile company car, etc. For staff it is important to a sense of belonging to the company, which contributes to the appearance of participation in various meetings, receiving acknowledgments, certificates and promotional memorabilia gifts.

The company also can arrange a competition for filling vacant seats on the same basis. A major incentive is a full benefits package, which is a guarantee of stability and security staff. Plays an important role to ensure health insurance is equally beneficial for both employees and the company itself. Not least among the incentives is a good organization of the workplace. Stimulate active employee can also work with organizations of various trainings to enhance skills. Training may be partially or fully paid for by the company. With the introduction of the office for employees may be organized program of retraining. In some companies employees are offered discounted tours, partially or fully paid by the company.

This group includes facilities for visiting sports clubs, as well as corporate events and travel, partly paid employee. In some cases, stimulate the activity can also be gifts from the company to honor the anniversary of an important event in the life of the employee, for example, wedding or the birth of the child, as well as the implementation of an important project and making a large contribution to the company. For many of the staff incentive is a great moment in the competition. Competition for the best project, the best department or officer of a better raise interest in the work, since satisfies the natural human desire for leadership. Very often, the motivation of employees is reduced in a situation where they do not feel a part of the company. It is therefore necessary to inform the staff about the strategic and current tasks of the company, successfully completed projects and future plans for development. Well-known saying states that "the main value company created by the people. " If employees are motivated, they are much faster will succeed even in the absence of certain skills, working hours which if desired will not be difficult. That is why the identification and sometimes create the motivation to become one of the important tasks of management of any company. Identification and assessment of motivation for employment, as well as its promotion in the work is achieved through a combination of actions requiring specific skills and knowledge in the field of labor relations. If the selection of professionals you value your time and money and wish to have to work on motivation was carried out systematically, it is best appeal to professionals who will advise you and develop an appropriate strategy for your company's personnel development.

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