European Union Obligations

The possible prorogations will become unless in the budgets of the corresponding years sufficient and suitable budgetary grant exists. Continue to learn more with: Christos Staikouras. 2. The individual quantity of the scholarship will be of 1,300, 00 monthly Euros, being considered the total amount for 2011 in 10.400, 00 Euros. It will be paid by payable monthly instalments and in all the payments the corresponding retention at the expense of the Tax will take place on the Rent of the Physical People. Third party. Requirements of the beneficiaries.

1. Those people of Spanish nationality or nationals of some Member State of the European Union could be beneficiary of the scholarships anticipated in the present Resolution all who have finalized their university studies of Doctor, Lawyer or Degree in Right, Sciences Political or Public administration within the five years previous to the date of publication of the present call, in Spanish or foreign Universities, this case as long as they have obtained the homologation of his titles by definitive resolution. 2. All applicant will have to credit to be to the current in the fulfillment of his tributary obligations and with the Social Security, in the terms anticipated in the effective norm. He will not be able to suffer any disease nor physical or psychic limitation that he disables to him for the fulfillment of his obligations like scholarship holder. Quarter. Rights and obligations of the beneficiaries.

1. The acceptance of these scholarships implies the commitment in accordance with the rules established by the INAP in Order APU/3947/2008, of 22 of December of 2008, by that the regulating bases for the concession of subsidy by the National Institute of Public Administration in formation matters, study and investigation are approved. 2. Also, the beneficiaries of the scholarships will assume the obligations settled down by article 14 of Law 38/2003, of 17 of November, General of Subsidy. Fifth. Duration of the scholarships. the benefit of the scholarship will conclude once passed twelve months, being able to prorogue itself once at the most, per period of a year and the anticipated total quantity in Order APU/3947/2008 of 22 of December. The concession of prorogation will be submitted to the budgetary availabilities. Sixth. Characteristics of the development of the scholarships. 1. The development of the own activities of these scholarships of formation demands as requisite indispensable the physical presence of the scholarship holders in soothes of the National Institute of Public Administration of Madrid. 2. The Organism will designate to a tutor for the scholarship holder, who will elaborate a formation plan that will be carried out during the period of benefit of the scholarship. Also the tutor will supervise the adjustment of the activities realised by the scholarship holder to the mentioned plan. 3. The concession and enjoys the scholarships does not establish contractual relation or statutory between the scholarship holder and the INAP and, therefore, it will suppose in no case relation of neither bureaucratic use with the mentioned organ, nor implies commitment some as far as the later incorporation of interested to the group of the same. 4. The scholarship holder will have right to the benefit of an annual vacacional period, in the terms equivalent to which is applied to the personnel of the Organism, in agreement with the tutorizado plan of formation.

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