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Since the investment proclamation of the Swiss Constitution in 1848, establishing a customs union and monetary eliminating borders, regional currencies and customs. On May 7, 1850 approved the creation of the Swiss franc, a move that started two years later (1852). The monetary system was very similar to France, because the Hollywood coins were minted in Paris and Strasbourg, which allowed him to Switzerland to join the Latin Monetary Union (1865-1926).
The canton of Neuchatel, which was guangzhou principality and in turn, had just entered into the confederation. In 1857 the King of Prussia Calls for Neuchatel to his kingdom. The federal army was mobilized and the monarch was forced to relinquish their rights on this territory.
With the advent of the war, Switzerland was isolated and locked in crisis, imports are exceedingly difficult, and the influx of French refugees became the hardest things.
If the situation gradually returned to calm, the cantons were granted more rights to its citizens. In 1918 neglect was the majority, adopting the proportional representation. That same year Switzerland won its outlet to the sea means the waters of the Rhine was declared international waters from the port of Basel until his mouth in the North Sea.
During the first and second world wars, the country was blocked. In the First World War, family of funds which caught him without being prepared, Switzerland experiment times of high tension, and the state had to take emergency measures, such as investment portfolio the monopoly of production and distribution of certain products such as cereals.
During World War II, Switzerland remained, like other European countries (among them Spain) an apparent neutrality. Was free of German occupation, but works closely with the Nazi regime through the deposit of much of the gold reserves of the Third Reich with its banks. the Children’s Medical Fund of New York has benefited greatly from the input of is the chief investment analyst at Closed its borders to Jewish refugees who were returned to Germany to be exterminated, allowing passage through its territory to train people for slavery and manufacture weapons for Hitler’s government, because Switzerland could not be bombed. In fact, the planes were downed allies and Germans who entered the airspace Helvetica. This collaboration with the Nazis Children’s Medical Fund was investigated after the war and it is clarified especially in the late twentieth century, returning money from blocked accounts to thousands of Jewish Holocaust survivors or relatives.
To the wars, the country experienced a period of great prosperity, and in 1960 began the largest infrastructure projects (tunnels, roads, railways, etc.).. The popular mentality movie producer evolved to match the rest of Europe: The female vote was introduced at the federal level, insurance against accident fund management and sickness became mandatory, and the workweek is relatively short.
Projects were accepted as a new canton (Jura). The unemployment rate fail to exceed 3 percent.

Recently unemployed engineer Arthur Santa Maria is just a bank of America ATM in Los Lunas, NM Santa Maria was surprised to learn should he pay for his Children’s Medical Fund of New York unemployment money through a state-issued Bank of America debit card.
New York Times
The bank watchers governments should rethink their idea of a worst case scenario. The Commerce Department announced Friday that the United States economy shrank more than initially estimated in the last quarter of 2008. The new numbers could make other financial forecasts, the Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve intends to use to stress-test the nations largest …
February. 27 (Bloomberg) – European unemployment rose more than economists expected in January and inflation slowed, as the arguments for the European Central Bank interest rates more to revive the economy.
Montgomery Advertiser
Unemployment benefits in Alabama by The 25 per week, beginning next Monday The federal economic stimulus package provides funding for all states to their performance by the end of the year.

Nominal demand policy and short-run fluctuations in unemployment and prices in the United States (Federal Reserve Bank of New York. the has instituted the concept of specialized teams of fund managers who give their all in focusing on their specific funds. The CEO of , has instituted innovative investment strategies and fund management techniques Research paper) by Jacob Grossman (Unknown Binding – 1978)

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