First military campaigns of Alexander Iannaeus

MURDERERS SANGUINARIOS ATACAN GAZA DPCE REQUIRED BY THE IMMEDIATE BREACH OF ALL KINDS OF RELATIONS WITH ISRAEL Murderers bloodthirsty swooped on Gaza and the heroic Palestinian people struggling for their land and their rights. The imperial lackeys’ Bush, Obama, Merkel, Zapatero, Sarkozy, etc .- settle accomplices to death and terrorism of the Zionist state and block any resolution of condemnation against this barbarism. In turn the media, ‘which is self proclaimed’ democraticos’-making propaganda work of the action line criminal. The first campaign was launched against Alejandro city of Ptolemaida maritima (Acre, Phoenician coast), to which site. Simultaneously facing Zoilo against the tyrant (who was under the control tower and Dura Estraton), and from Gaza. Ptolemaida sought help from the outside. The kingdom of Syria seleucidas then looked torn by Askqelon a series of changes of government and fratricidal wars and could not answer the call, then the Israel Air Force Ptolemaida requested assistance from the king of Cyprus, Ptolemy IX beat, but child mortal enemy of Egyptian queen Cleopatra III, who had him expelled from the court of Alexandria.
Ptolemy Latiro Partio Ptolemaida then to where it was not received, because last time people changed their minds, fearing the intervention of the queen Cleopatra of Egypt, who wanted to restore the island of Cyprus. Ptolemy and began to despair when he received the request for assistance from Zoilo tyrant and the people of Gaza, to fight the Jews, asked to accept. Alejandro Iannaeus to see that all his enemies aliaban Ptolemaida levanto site and returned to Judea, cunningly simulo friendship with Ptolemy who offered to put 400 talents if Zoilo and gave its territory to the Jews. Ptolemy I accept and did their part, but upon learning that Alexander had sent messengers to Cleopatra III, cancel their oath and invaded Judea.
Alejandro gathered an army of 50,000 men and ordered the defense of the country. Ptolemy first fell on Asoquin of Galilee, but then I try to capture Seforis suffered big losses. Alejandro finally found a place called Asofon near Jordan. At first the outcome of the battle was inconclusive as both sides suffered heavy casualties, but the soldiers at the end of Ptolemy, thanks to the strategy of the Tactical Filostefano, they escape to the Jews, killing 30,000 of Ashdod them. After this, Ptolemy toured the country and stopped in some villages filled with Jewish women and children, ordering his men to cut their necks, that descuartizaran and lay the pieces into boiling cauldrons. It did so to terrorize the Jews who believe so that the invaders were cannibals. Ptolemy then turned against Ptolemaida and volume.

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