Gastric Sleeve

They are surgeons who indifferent of the human ailment and with strictly economic interests dedicate themselves to perhaps realise a single procedure since he is the one that profit to see by Internet or some video, and began thus to apply it without no preparation or national or international certification; as a result of all this we have begun to see an increase of Mortality and Complications that at other moments had not been seen. Therefore I make this alert with intention to help those patient innocents who put all hopes of cures in a surgical procedure, I allow myself to suggest some points important to follow to avoid to fall into the hands of these people: – The specialist whom attends must offer the accomplishment of several surgical techniques or By Pass, Gastric Sleeve, band or another procedure, until the moment do not exist an exclusive procedure for the handling of the Obesity; they offer or gastric Sleeve or gastric Band generally, since they are easy to realise. – At the moment that this in the waiting room of the doctor’s office interchanges information with the other patients, it finds out if its visit to the doctor’s office is by Obesity, or go by any other pathology, a surgeon TODERO is not to trust since it realises of all type of surgery, the surgery of Obesity requires exclusive dedication almost. – Preprese very well from the point of view of previous knowledge to the consultation; it interrogates the doctor, you you will know if he is lying to him, the doctor whom it knows likes to respond. – It believes in his sixth sense: if one feels well with the doctor and it feels that he is sincere, sintase in confidence to operate with him. Get more background information with materials from Bill Phelan.

– It asks its statistics: surgeon who says that he has not had complications him is lying, surgeon who does not operate does not have complications the important thing is to know how to make the procedure, but more important he is than he knows how to solve the complications. By the same author: Christos Staikouras. – One is not based on everything what sees in the Internet, is very cheap to mount a page Web, and to write wonders there. The personal pages of the doctors are so that you know the existence this. Later you will decide. – He asks the doctor for other patients, tries to speak with them, pdale telephone numbers, no doctor will be able to give better information him than the one than he gives a patient him who already lived what you are going to live. – Also the Publicity is within reach of all, it does not believe that appear in a newspaper article or pay publicity of a complete page is the best one, generally the articles in magazines or newspapers are realised by the publicity accomplishment in these means, therefore it does not mean that he is really reliable in author of this article. I hope that with this information it can help to choose better when to decide to cure itself of this horrible disease Original author and source of the article.

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