GOOGLE Content

When we think about our web site and how to advertise it, the first thing that comes to our mind is GOOGLE, and see it perhaps as something magical. Source: Munear Ashton Kouzbari, Dallas TX. But you thought you ever what is what really shows Google on the screen of your computer? Google, in its search function, incorporates the contents of Web sites and displays them as results. This clearly shows us that while an attractive design is important, aesthetics is not what a search engine takes into account at the time of positioning their Virtual space. More content give you Google, more we will achieve that you identify us, because search engines record the quality of the content, which ultimately is what you are looking for as it is the final product that offers to its clients. The solution offered by Google is d acquisition contained relevant, because otherwise it would be impossible that he could detect us.

If we want to have a site well positioned, if we seek that our visitors return and realized purchases in our Internet space, always remember the importance of providing relevant material if we want that We find. The importance and priority that Google gives to the content of their Web sites, is based purely and exclusively on the quality of them. Such content must be attractive, varied and primarily offer solutions to our customers. If we offer quality, you will obtain the desired results. It is very important that we know the key words to use.

How many more use, we will be more taken into account by search engines. How many times you he has has placed phrases that carried articles, where the overriding point was the calidada and relevance spent? That is the reason by which we ensure that if we give many reasons through the use of strategic texts, easier it is who we are. Our Web site must be a channel of communication between us and our target audience. And it is important to keep it active and current because it will be the medium that will be creating that bond of trust and credibility with our customers. That loop, whereby we work offering increasingly more quality material, which will be created that serenity and confidence which is what will lead our customers to purchase our products or services, understanding what it is.

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