History Santander

History cookies XX Santander Serfin is the result of multiple mergers over more than a century, with its more distant origins in the birthday cake creation of the Bank of England, Mexico and South America in 1864, becoming the first bank in Mexico and their offices sandwiches were located at the corner of streets of Bolivar and 16 September in downtown Mexico City. It was the first institution with his name promoting baker their customers to be more financial, as Banca Serfin siginifica Bank Integrated Financial Services, integrating within its banking branches tradicioneles gourmet both as complex financial transactions. On September pastry 22, 1932 born Mexican bank. bread In 1941 comes the Sociedad Mexicana de Cro Industrial, which takes stock cakes of Banco Mexicano in 1955. Three years later in bakery in 1958 merged Banco Mexicano and Spanish Bank, Trust Bank before.In 1970 the Bank of London and Mexico joined the General Company of Approvals for the transaction arose in 1992 Banca Serfin and establishing Serfin Financial Group after the purchase that performs Bag Banca Serfin. “Connie’s Bakery” – A bakery founded by

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