Holidays in Punta Umbria

This year, after several failed attempts, we managed to realize our desired trip to the fantastic beaches of Huelva. Four years ago my wife, a native of the area, I found this part of western Andalusia after a four-day stay in Islantilla. It was then that I was fascinated by its white sandy beaches, the rugged nature ocean and exquisite cuisine. He had wanted to come back and this time hit Punta Umbria, resort my wife as a child. We chose the Hotel Punta Umbria Beach Resort for a week for the excellent location and special family counseling. The offer promised that the children chosen not pay, and it was. In fact, in view of the large number of families with children who had not were the only ones to discover. Indeed, the hotel is only designed for families with kids and why not, not as kids than for other tourists.From the swimming pools, common areas and activities, everything is always thinking so that more children can participate and enjoy themselves. Nothing new in other resorts were it not that it is in an incomparable natural environment that has nothing to envy to the Caribbean beaches. With respect to other services, all perfect. Attention, very correct. The buffet, varied with days and some not so successful. If you have an eye cooking, you can eat very well. That yes, you need to know to choose. Indeed, the hammocks by the pool are a luxury. Moreover, unless the full gym Patricia made good use of it, I can not say more because most of us spent the day at the beach or lying, or building castles, and of course, in the water. One so far has drawn much of their summers on the beaches of Grenada, remains fascinated to enjoy a coastline surrounded by junipers, pines and miles of sand dunes and clean water. In fact, the blue flags with a large sun-splashed by a couple of waves abound on this coast at any bathing area.Its great extent and even small crowds, from enjoying the beach with great intimacy, without the burden of the first line, and without umbrellas eternal without bathers. The rest of the time we were not soaked, so we spent to remove the salt in the hotel pool, playing with the small on the swings and especially walking. During the day the halls and streets of the resort and in the afternoon where your feet take us. The walks were the most curious noon when we went from one side of the hotel where our room was, some of the rooms where the buffet served.

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