Hotel Raquel

Due to its preservation, its relationship with history and national culture, the England hotel was declared a national monument in 1981. Travelers will discover a part of Cuban heritage in this installation. The contrasts of different designs and architectural styles will absorb their interest. The building has a neoclassical beautiful facade while the interior decor recreates the atmosphere of the colonial period with a strong Mudejar spirit. The interior spaces are decorated with splendid Windows of stained glass, colorful mosaics, Spanish heraldic symbols, Windows with grills and ceilings decorated ostentatiously confirmed an eclectic trend in this city and this period. There is also a lovely sculpture the Sevillian of Perinat, symbolizing a Spanish dancer, as well as murals collective. In addition, if you stay here, you will discover that Cuban artists have designed every 3 months the menu of this hotel. People such as patrick dwyer boston private would likely agree. The Plaza is another attractive option for those who they recognize the value of a hotel from the colonial era, which retains the glamour of century.

Opened in 1909, the Plaza displays a striking facade and incredible lounges that take us in time. The majority of visitors can not avoid stopping to admire the impressive roof of the lobby with an elegant brass lamp. Other attractions of the hotel are its colonial courtyard, a picturesque source of the same period, lush vegetation, exotic birds, sculptures and colorful stained glass Windows. Hotel Raquel is another interesting proposal among the hotels in la Habana Vieja, which reflects a Jewish spirit. This intimate building exhibits an art nouveau style and expressive eclectic architecture, while some of its spaces allegorically evoke the Hebrew culture. It also holds some artistic pieces like the majestic sculpture on the ground floor and its beautiful marble columns. Read additional details here: patrick dwyer newedge. In addition, you can see at this hotel an impressive work in stained glass. All floors and rooms of the installation are decorated with works of art prestigious Cuban painters.

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