In 1808 was

In 1808 was founded the Board of Vaccines, and in 1832 the Hospital Board, the forerunner of what could be an organizer of health care in Chile was created in 1907 within the Ministry of Interior, a section responsible for public hygiene. Then in 1924, this division becomes the Ministry of Health, Assistance and Social Welfare, maintaining the mission of the former division. In 1927 he became a major restructuring of all ministries. Within this framework, created the Ministry of Social Welfare, which would, in addition to the tasks of coordinating the health, monitoring the implementation of social laws, of provident funds, and other social security matters. In 1932 this portfolio is renamed Ministry of Public Health, keeping his former job. In 1953 again renamed to Ministry of Health and Social Welfare.Then in 1959, the ministry is divided, creating the Ministry of Public Health, and assuming the regulatory functions of the welfare of the inhabitants of the country, establishing the Ministry of Labor and Social Security of Chile. Finally, between 1973 and 1979 reorganized the internal structure of the ministry, creating services like the National Health Fund (FONASA).

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