Indispensable Assistant

Call center or it is sometimes called a mobile office – customer service, telephone calls, telephone call-processing center – a central office, which used to receive and transmit telephone calls to the large quantities. Service centers for phone calls, produces a permanent administration incoming flow of requests by telephone, coupled with support for a product or service performed under a specific project company. Calls come from customers or from potential customers. Also, using the Call center can be held client outgoing calls to remote marketing, debt collection activities to gather information. In addition to the center service calls, modern equipment Call centers can control the flow of other information and correspondence – letters, faxes, chat sites, e-mail. The flow of marketing information accumulated in one place provides a great opportunity for processing and analysis. Of course, large Call centers can only afford the huge companies and corporations with million budget.

To help small and medium companies come to outsourcing the Call Centres, which give them the opportunity to conduct full-fledged marketing research, search for clients and provide other services. In the west to help the Call Centres in their work on statistics 80% resort companies. In our country this kind of business is just starting to develop, with the corresponding statistics – only 2% of companies use the servant Call centers in their work. Market Growth Call of these centers is 40% per year, although the peak it is still very far away. Call-Center is an indispensable tool in any business. This is a very effective tool for any company working with clients directly. The main advantage of Call-Center – an opportunity to anticipate the expectations of its customers. By telephone you will get an opportunity to communicate directly with your potential customers.

The most popular services provided by Call centers – direct telephone sales (telemarketing, direct marketing), free contact centers 8-800 (hot lines), mailing lists. Marketing direct action – it is a reality today, one who believes this is irrelevant – just losing money. The only alternative to outsourced the Call Center for small and medium-sized companies that want to dramatically increase sales – hire operators phone at home. Perhaps this seem cheaper, but in reality, the feasibility to buy services outsourcing the Call Centre is supported by the additional opportunities provided by the Call Centre. No home operator does not give you recording and archiving of all their conversations with your customers round the clock skilled jobs, and even just a trial period for some positions and projects. Call center right assures you that no one phone call will not be lost. The service center also contact 8-800, constant hot line, as well as a mailing list by e-mail – must be purchased by the company through its projects almost without fail. Without them, modern marktetingovye companies simply hard to imagine. Hour reception of telephone calls to toll-free number 8-800 is not simply raise the prestige of your company, it will make you understand the potential client that he always glad for the opportunity to hear his voice is paying the firm itself. Of course the loyalty of potential customers and consumers deserve so much easier, given that the geography of such free calls apply at any point of Russia.

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