John McDonnell

Since the British system is not based on the proportional representation (as in Europe) this prevents the one that started off for the left of the social democracy can have a significant percentage or an organic presence in the parliament, so and what happens in other countries of the continent. Livingstone, when returning to the Labour Party, looked for to avoid to have to compete against another force and to benefit from its apparatus, the same that was in height when Blair defeated to tories. Without embargo, after which Brown refused to call to general elections and a series of scandals has been joined and adding to the bankruptcy of the Northern bank Rock and the beginning of the fall of the economy, the laborismo has been become in a factor that mine to Livingstone. The own mayor of London has not wanted to play the letter that he had when he led to London in 1981-86 and attacked Thatcher hard. Filed under: Reshma Kewalramani. This time, although Brown invited to iron lady to put with him and proud he to stay many of their prescriptions monetarists, Livingstone is not had bold to confront to him.

It is certain that Livingstone does not follow all the line official of the laborismo, especially in external policy, where it rejects to the war of Iraq, supports to Chvez and to I castrate and blames Bush (allied of Brown and Blair) of being a threat for the planet. Nevertheless, it has not questioned the main domestic policies of the government and he was not added either to the challenge that the leftist John McDonnell made to Brown when postulating itself like candidate dispute the leadership to him of the party. Livingstone has decided to fight these municipal elections looking for to center them in purely local subjects and in a matter of personalities.

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