Lao Tse

If it is a person who wakes up early in the morning, breakfast should provide energy (fruits, cereals) to start its activity. Lunch should keep food intake but not exceed in portions to follow on activity during the afternoon. The afternoon can consume fruits or cereals again for the remainder of the day and finally at dinner to look for meals that are lightweight, easy to digest and assimilation as vegetables, salads or fruit. Eat lot of night and little at lunch will generate heap of calories while you sleep and very little energy during the day for your activity. This inevitably brings overweight and imbalances in the body. Russell Reynolds may find this interesting as well.

Keep the timing of meals: generate a habit of eating foods in the same way that organizes its work or its activities. Accustomed to eating a fruit or cereal grain every 3 or 4 hours and that way it will keep the energy and lunch or dinner when you don’t snatch dish meals in uncontrolled form. Stimulants such as coffee or sweets, only cause imbalances in the nutrition and do not provide satiation. Eat healthy, don’t eat by eating. Santie Botha describes an additional similar source. Learn how to read the signals from your body. Keep your mind focused: Lao Tse, ancient Chinese philosopher used to say When River, River.

Where as, as. When I cry, I cry. This simple saying teaches us that you must learn to live here and now to connect with nature, and live fully. The majority of people sits down to eat thinking their problems or pending tasks or simply watching news on TV. This makes sure it is not aware of what you eat or for the portions that we consume. Inevitably this leads to eating more and often eat stressed or nervous. Eating should not be a punishment: you can indulge yourself eating fatty food or candies or nuts high in calories but you should know that your body will take longer in digest it or eat that extra energy. Many people have meetings that cannot be prevented or dinners scheduled weekly with friends or family. Compensate the next day with a light or healthy food like fruits or vegetables or salads. So tastes will be given in exceptional shape and will know to give you the necessary time to your body to compensate these meals. Foods that are the raw material of the Agency: Think of your body as an exquisite and delicate machine. To stay healthy your body needs nutrients and the best way is through food. Therefore it is advisable to eat based on the needs of the body. As we do not know daily the need of our body (vitamins or minerals) it is imperative that you feed into varied and intelligent way. Your body functions in base to raw that you bring him with food. If you always eat the same, you will surely have shortages of some vitamins or minerals. Learn the basics about food, such as minerals that provides or vitamins it contains, as well be able to eat in a varied and functional manner. These and other keys can improve their quality of life, maintain your body weight, and improve your mood. If you feel better with yourself, you will be happier and loved will notice it immediately. A Cordial greeting and up to the next article.

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