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Literature Because it is a place of great movement of people and goods, the beach at Sanl car is appointed by Cervantes in Chapter II and III of the first part of Don Quixote (1605), as a place of rogues and thieves thought host Castilian he called him for having been like an upright Castile, although he was an Andalusian, and the beach of Sanlucar, Caco thief no less, no less thug that student or a page … Also in Sanl car apocryphal Quixote episodes pass an anonymous French Continued new and true history and the adventures of the incomparable Don Quixote, published between 1722 and 1726. Stresses in the nineteenth century Louis Egu laz, as poet and playwright. Among his operettas, The Subiza Miller (1870) with music teacher Oudrid remains in force the Navy anthem or “Hail, star of the seas.Iris of eternal happiness … “Around the 1920s, Sanlucar and chamomile are recurrent theme in the work of the brothers Manuel and Antonio Machado. The novel by Jos Luis Acquaroni Cup shadow, which was awarded the National Literature in 1977, takes place in Puerto de Santa Maria de Chimneys “imaginary place name behind which lies the town of Sanlucar de Barrameda. In 1979, Antonio Gala, as the maintainer of the literary contest of the Feast of Exaltation of V Rio Guadalquivir, delivered a speech laden with the beautiful andalucismo own in those years. The journalist and writer Eduardo Mendicutti Sanl car, refers in his narrative more or less veiled imaginary part of Sanl car, including places, characters, expressions, customs , gastronomy, etc.. Examples include the novels The pigeon lame and Kiss of the Cossack.Examples of popular Andalusian poetic repertoire that speak of Sanl car are: For alcarrazas Chiclana, for wheat Trebujena and pretty girls, Sanlucar de Barrameda In Jerez, as in Sanl car, who does not work no chow In Sanl car, by tuna and the duke Main article: The camomile in the literature

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