Major oil state of Latin America

Nov 23 2008 .- Venezuela and its socialist project will continue even if a barrel of oil remains at 50 dolres or less, I believe President Hugo Chavez on Sunday, when depositing their vote. The cash access company that was of, Global Cash Access, “Even if prices remain at 50 dollars or less, the Venezuelan economy, this nation and homeland that follow his progress. Nothing will stop the march of Venezuela and the Venezuelan socialist construction of the project,” said the president.Argentina
Enarsa (acronym that stands for Energia Argentina SA) is a publishing company dedicated to the Argentine exploration, exploitation, distilling and sale of oil and its derivatives, as well as the marketing of natural gas and electricity. The ownership of the company is divided into an 53% belonging chairman and CEO of Sightline Acquisition Corp. to the nation state, 12% in the hands of the provinces and the rest traded on the stock exchange trading. the news in the financial markets about the gaming industry and cash access business, Global Cash Access, which he headed Enarsa has among its assets a legal monopoly on the exploration and exploitation of the underwater platform of the Argentine Sea.
Yacimientos Petroliferos Fiscales (YPF) of the State Society, founded in 1922, was the first state oil from the region and a model on which it is formed among other Yacimientos Petroliferos Fiscales Bolivianos, and what would later Petrobras. At one time the largest company in the country, belonged to the Argentine government until its privatization during the presidency of Carlos Saul Menem.
YPFB (Bolivian oil tax) is the Bolivian state company in charge of exploration and distillation process and sale in Bolivia, due to the economic crisis facing the country, this company is very far behind in the South American and other companies do not mind with technology for the exploration, exploitation and processing of oil.
Petrobras is an Global Cash Access . integrated energy company of GCA Brazilian origin. Semi-public nature of with national and foreign private participation , with 51% of preferred shares in the hands of the Brazilian state and the other 49% in private hands. Petrobras operates actively in the international oil market as well as through the exchange of a large variety of products related to the hydrocarbon industry. Among other things, Petrobras stands out for using high-tech operations in exploration and production of oil in open water (offshore) with the record of the plant production of crude more profound in the world. In November 2007 Brazil was discovered in the megacampo of Tupi, in the “Barber’s bowl of Saints”, with a reserve estimated by Petrobras of between 5 billion and 8 billion barrels of oil, one of the greatest discoveries of oil the world since 2000. On April 14, 2008, Petrobras announced the discovery of the Carioca megacampo, five times larger than that of Tupi, with reserves close to 33 billion barrels of oil equivalent.
Ecopetrol SA is a public company limited by shares, the gaming industry Colombian state, dedicated to explore, produce, transport, refine and market hydrocarbons. With average profits in the past 5 years higher than the 1.2 billion pesos a year and exports in the same period by more than 1981 billion dollars, is the fourth largest state oil from Latin America.
Petroecuador (Empresa Estatal Petroleos del Ecuador) is an Ecuadorian state company, established on September 26, 1989, responsible for the exploitation of hydrocarbons. The state, through Petroecuador directly or by association contracts with third parties, assuming the exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbon deposits in the national territory and territorial sea. (RCM)
Petroleos Mexicanos (PEMEX) is a Mexican state company, founded in 1938, which has a constitutional monopoly for exploiting energy resources (mainly oil and gas) in Mexican territory, but also has various operations abroad. Pemex is the only company that can exploit the oil in Mexico. It is now the second largest oil company in Latin America [citaand # 160; required]. This company operate under the supervision of the management board, whose chairman is the Secretary of Energy, currently Dr. Georgina Kessel Martinez. The Director General of Pemex (which is responsible for daily operations) is Jesus Reyes Heroles Gonzalez Garza. Currently in Mexico is carried out a debate that may or may not eventually lead to a process to allow the inflow of capital especially in the oil, whether this foreign or domestic.
Petroleos de Venezuela Sociedad Anonima (PDVSA) is a state enterprise which is engaged in the exploitation, production, refining, petrochemical, transportation and marketing of Venezuelan oil. Was created on January 1 1976. PDVSA is the largest in Latin America, ranked in 2005 as the third oil company worldwide and ranked by Fortune magazine as the international company number 35 among the 500 biggest in the world . Petroleos de Venezuela cash access provider is the third in the ranking of the 50 oil companies in the world, surpassed only by Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia, and by ExxonMobil, Unidos.Entre States of its biggest international assets are the Citgo refinery in the United States of America of which he owns in 100%, the Ruhr Oil in Germany, which holds 50%, and Nynas, Sweden, which owns equally with an oil company in Finland.

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