Management – The Cornerstone Of

Managing men, money and business is only possible if you know how to manage themselves, manage their emotions and desires to direct his will in the right direction at the right time. Money, business people and characterizes such property as spontaneity and desire for independence. And all these resources – money, business and people – subject only to the real leaders – those who are calm, confident, prudent and patient. A true leader, a smart and Responsible, persistent, demanding self and values of others, he is a sober look at the world and sociable. Remember: never allow yourself to bump into depression or panic, even if everything goes wrong as you want. It is important to curb yourself, keep a sense, put out the passion and do not show the form. Calm, but calm – always and everywhere: in the negotiations, in court, bank, stock exchange, in the office at the facility to investors, employees, partners and colleagues.

Remember that driving yourself, you control the world. Develop your business and human qualities, to educate ourselves, read and listen to the specialized literature on the psychology and management, may attend the seminars, become ideal leader – it will guarantee the success of your business. However, your business – it's not just you. Remember that your people and your time – this is the most important and invaluable resources. That people who work together with you, work on you promote your business forward or pulling it back.

Managing people – home of Sciences. Respect and appreciate its people, regardless of their age, gender, position and money. Remember – they are not slaves. Not your slaves, but people unique – each with its own character, outlook, attitude to work, problems, chores, etc. Often, your business is not for them – unlike you – a matter of life. Therefore, never impinge on their free time and privacy. Be polite, calm, understanding boss. Of course, this does not relieve you from the demands for quality of execution of business duties of your people. Never allow yourself to an increased tone, insults and humiliation of its people. Encourage dedication and achievements of its people, orients them to the results. Praise your employees, it will inspire them to do more. Prizes motivate, encourage productive workers. Come on man a second chance, but without regret parting with ballast – inefficient worker.

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