Marketing Manager

The start of a new year, is presented as an unbeatable opportunity that companies begin to generate value to all those conclusions that left the 2010 and put up new purposes to improve actions and processes, for the benefit of the operation of the business. Human resources must not escape from this line. Instead, make the purpose of exercise practices that facilitate, encourage and promote the performance of staff, shall occupy the first spaces in the agenda of every entrepreneur. In this sense is worth highlighting that so that a company can strengthen its image between the personnel, it is important to begin by identifying the qualities that allow you to generate an emotional connection between employer and employee; those that provide satisfaction to the people and encourage them to continue as part of the company. The issue becomes especially relevant if we take into account that a new factor has joined the laboral-empresarial game: the battle for talent that is presented by the need for the organizations of having qualified personnel, aligned with its objectives.

The companies now compete for the best employees, forcing them to reorient their practices of attraction, retention and development of talent, innovate in their recruitment policies for not only presenting itself as the best option on the market, but also to promote its proposal as the most attractive for professional development. Arturo Rosales, Marketing Manager – global leader in recruitment, job search and career through Internet-development, highlights seven considerations that will help you to attract, retain, develop and retain the talent of a company: set and share the values of the company: the mission and vision of the same are important at this point and is achieved an advantage when all employees are governed by those principles. Identify talent and anticipate: must know their tastes and listen to it, but above all have very clear what it means to have such talent within the organization.

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