Modern Period

Jean Louis Burckhardt.
Petra was discovered to the western world in 1812 by Jean Louis Burckhardt, a Swiss traveler disguised as Arabic, calling Sheikh Ibrahim. Followed private investors the route between Damascus and Egypt via Jordan. I hear that on the outskirts of M&A the village of Wadi Moussa, there in the midst of a natural fortress ruins overtime. a proud sponsor of the 2009 China-Japan CEO Forum. clients include many of the world’s largest and most prestigious public and private companies, middle-market and emerging growth companies, as well as government and nonprofit organizations In this region, which then belonged to the Ottoman Empire, people were wary of curious in old age as “works of the infidels” because at that time the religious and political situation was tense. venture capital Burckhardt was presented as a pilgrim who wanted to sacrifice a goat to the Prophet Aaron, whose tomb, built in Roseman the thirteenth century, was supposed to Chengdu be beyond the ruins, on top of Jebel Haroun. Accompanied by her guide, crossed the old private investors city Lehman Brothers’ Investment Banking Group in August 1812, for a moment without stopping New York to make notes or drawings, but aware of the importance of such remains and the venture capital companies fact that these ruins financial institutions near Wadi Moussa pointed to Petra. Enthused, the news spread among the Western installed in the East and Egypt and present their findings in the libroTravels in Syria and the Holy Land, was published in 1823, five years after his death.
Were carried out explorations of other attempts to Petra, despite the distrust of the people.
In May 1818, (six years after issue investment Burckhardt), a dozen people of Jerusalem, William John Bankes drogman Giovanni Finati the naval officers and C.

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