My Lola (2005-2008)

A few days after I ran over our dog Matilda, I gave myself the task of finding a new pet to us. school furniture Halle Lola in a kennel-bred Labrador. I could take it, despite being born in a hatchery, it would reach the size needed to sell it. I remember very well when I told Alexandra, my then-boss, who had found several dogs on offer: one was male but could not sell because you never under a testicle, the other was female but chaparra. Alexander thought that my explanations were mere pretexts to reject both options and I replied angrily: ” Oh, Chiquis! but school equipment what you have not seen in a mirror ‘ chaparra you also!.” When gathered in a veterinary clinic because the farm was toward the road to Puebla, it was just a small breeder of Labrador. However, she could not understand how those two giant pairs of legs, could chairs argue that it would reach an adult height of his own race. In fact, Lola grew only to a certain extent, a fact that caused it, looked pretty funny. Everyone who in their path when we drew day care chairs a walk, they were astonished at his nobility and thought folding chairs it was a hallmark of his being student chairs puppy. In the nearly four years he was with us, never growled at anyone. Find the right need to be designed At first, an enormous effort it cost him something as simple as going downstairs. Were imposed as massive plateaus and vertigo caused him tremendous. It was like having a third child for my other two dining chairs gave him an endless rope. Biting all, was the most restless and playful. It rested in a similar position to that of a mat made from the skin of a tiger. That seemed: a carpet of chocolate. Later, mature. He adapted to life what you put in front. He took to travel between home and another with my children every fortnight. He was very happy in Valle de Bravo, on top of the forest and Tlalpan Chimalistac parks. I was afraid the other dogs. His most recent friend was our cat, Joe. It took a couple of days to get used to each other’s presence. After that, they became playmates where it can be said, Joe was always the leader. Just yesterday, as he wrote D., Joe was proud to reach the window to see what had happened with Lola and, thus, give the possible explanation why it was no longer home. When for a time lived with my mother, Lola stand stoically outside measures, and lived in a small courtyard in the hope folding chair that sucrose to walk Chimalistac parks, to the extent of our daily demands. Eternal playmate and Tomas Guido, the remembered forever, as the support that is at all times: since become a day care chair sort of reclining chair too small for the size of my children, to bear the pains and joys times and the cows fat and lean times. It comforts me a great little fact.

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