MySQL is a management system relational database, multithreading and multiuser with more than six million installations. MySQL AB ‘since January 2008 a subsidiary of Sun Microsystems’ MySQL developed as free software in a dual licensing scheme .
On the one hand is offered under the GNU GPL for all uses consistent with this license, but for companies that want to incorporate it in products unique to the company must purchase a license that allows them to specify their use. Is developed mostly in ANSI C.
Unlike projects like Apache, where the software is developed by a community service and the copyright of the code is held by the individual author, MySQL is the owner and is sponsored by a private company which owns the copyright of most of the code.
This is what enables the licensing scheme above. In addition to the sale of licenses, the company offers support and services. Hire workers for its operations around the world who collaborate via the Internet. MySQL AB was founded by David Axmark, Allan Larsson and Michael Widenius.

Sunday Star
A marijuana cultivation ALLEGED was arrested with the P750, 000 worth of dried marijuana bricks in a buy bust operation conducted in Kibungan, Benguet, police said Friday.
So when Nokia said that “in the coming weeks” at the CES, we certainly expect the North American E63 available in the U.S. now. But hey, if you hung in there this long, there is nothing nicer than Snagging a device you’ve been longing after more than initially expected. According to Symbian-Guru, the Chicago flagship location has received stock of the blue model, …
Fort Wayne Journal Gazette
Like Clearwire Corp. has fired its long-awaited WiMax wireless network in two cities, Nokia Corp. has stopped selling the only portable gadget that uses of the network, without accessories.
Jersey Insight
Brand new Nokia 3500 classic (pink back) phone for sale. Also in the box. New cost 128.00 not used

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