National Commission

As said the National Commission for the protection and defence of users of services Financieros (CONDUSEF) the best way to spend your Christmas bonus is investing in investment funds. And I say this because we know that many of you still have the bonus or part – saved in the Bank or under the mattress. And it is not that the investment funds are magical, but is a tool entirely legal and protected by the law so that those who want to grow their money, like you, can make it. Investment funds have become with the passing of the years, the best tool at the time of saving, since the Bank already is not giving almost nothing for having saved the money with them. The communique that made the CONDUSEF through its Web site, suggests that citizens invest in mutual funds since they have great opportunities to grow your money and they can do so starting from $1,000. If you still do not know very well the mechanism of investment funds, he attends a financial group because there you will brighten all your questions and will provide the information you need to enter the world of investments.

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