Not Ionizing Electromagnetic

The frequencies soon below of the frequencies of the visible light (ultraviolet) define the not ionizing radiations thus calls because they not they have energy enough to provoke ionization that is, to provoke the electron pulling up of atoms of a material, that is, forming ons e, therefore, the principle, the absorsor material does not present structural changes due to ionization, even so can suffer variations from temperature. We cannot perceive or feel if we are being accurately radiated because the radiation is invisible, and inaudvel. As the damages of the radiations on the people or the environment they depend on a series of factors as the energy of the radiation, the time of exposition, the absorbed dose, the part of the reached body and the proper sensitivity of the person, its effect can be disclosed in short or long stated period, how much the high doses very or less raised, respectively. The concerns on the possible harmful effect to the biological systems happen or for the unfamiliarity of the phenomenon or the insufficience of data, and are thus with the cellular technology, that involves emission of electromagnetic radiation where the biological consequences for the user alone will be known, gradually, in the long run, after its wide use, because they also depend on diverse other factors as the frequency, the radiated power level, in the distance of the emitting source. The studies on the effect are complex and of difficult quantification, resulting in multiple interpretations, since the new technologies bring associated a risk, Real or not, that it depends essentially on its true nature and the knowledge that if it possesss on the subject.

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