Opera (browser)

Opera is a web browser and Internet suite developed by the Norwegian company Opera Software. The application is since version 8.50, having previously been cell phones shareware or adware, and HTC before its version 5.0, only for payment.
Is recognized for its high speed, security, standards support (especially CSS), small size, internationality and cellular coverage innovation. Implemented since its early versions the tabbed browsing, Speed Dial on the movements of the mouse for navigation, personalization site, and the thumbnail tabbed
Available for Windows, Mac OS X, GNU / Linux, OS / 2, FreeBSD and Solaris. In addition, two mobile version: Opera Mini (mobile cellular phones singles) and Opera Mobile (and specific versions of payment all the plans include for smartphones and handheld computers). Finally, is also present plans in the Nintendo DS and Wii game. It wireless phones has also announced that the browser will be available for televisions and DVD players.
Currently has 23 candy bar phone million users citation needed and in February 2009 reached a rate of 0.71 used in the overall market for Web browsers.
According to statistics the market share of you get a free cell phone when you join any of the plans Opera is located, with a difference, behind Internet Explorer or Firefox. However it is important to mention that most of the users of its browser Opera mask and some other pages while still correctly identifying this browser.

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The Windows Mobile development team announced via Twitter on May 14 that Windows Mobile 6.5 is done. “I’m guessing” done “, the latest mobile operating system is released for production. But so far there is no” official “press release or words wireless providers to that effect. By Mary Jo Foley
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Vodafone takes on mobile phones rivals such as Apple, Nokia Samsung and Google creating its own application store Vodafone is joining the rush to take advantage of the boom in the free phones downloadable “widgets” for mobile Motorola phones by creating their own application to save as he looks to claw back revenue from rivals such as Apple, cellular phone plans Nokia and Google. The company offers software developers cellular phones the opportunity to tap into the invoicing …
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DUBLIN, Calif. —- Sybase iAnywhere today announced Afaria, “The industry-leading mobile device management and security solution now supports Open Mobile Alliance Device Management standards for device management.

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