Why do To Kabbalah Why do Hour Gu Study for beginners. Course … The need to learn Kabbalah Fundamental principles. Items selected …Professor Don Ricardo de la Cierva, historian and researcher, has devoted many years of his life to the study of Masonry says queand # 160;: “Masonry has a fundamental thesis: its essence can only be understood by a . This thesis has a precedent in the first century after Kabbalah and family Michael, in the Gnostics, who sought the gnosis, profound knowledge, and claimed that only they can achieve it. Ya Pope Leon XIII, in his encyclical “In eminenti,” explaining that ” Masonry is updating the Gnosticism and the ancient paganism. “Gnosticism The pagan nations as a reaction against Christianity, and has been playing throughout history until today. It can be said that Masonry is an organization that seeks to fundamental break with classes and lectures in Kabbalah thought, secularization introduce into society, and this can be seen in the reading of Masonic rituals. ” -Magazine “Alpha and Omega”
Masonry takes its name from the ancient guild of the Freemasons. These were the craftsmen who worked the stone in the construction of major projects. With the decline of the construction of the great cathedrals in Europe and the spread of Protestantism, the unions masons began to decline in order to survive and began receiving members who were not Masons automatically. Over time, these were mostly past and the unions have lost their original purpose. Became fraternities in order to make business contacts and discuss new ideas to be propagated in Europe.
The foundation of modern Freemasonry can be marked in with the union in London of four business groups to form the Masonic Grand Lodge as a universal league of mankind. From here soon move to France where he founded “The Grand Orient de France” in 1736.
The mixture creates a major new anti-identity. Kabbalah were the first British Protestants and therefore rejected the notion of having a church dogma of faith.
They took as a Adan patterns and the patriarchs and was credited arbitrarily older buildings of the Antique, including the Ark of Noah, the Tower of Babel, the Pyramids and the Temple of Solomon. Mixed the teachings of ancient religions and drank freely from the groups cultists, as the Rosicrucian, Egyptian priests and pagan superstitions of Europe and the East. The goal was to create a new “gnosis” own people promoted to a higher level.
As part of its syncretism, the Masonry has no objection to also include in the Bible, which he put on his “shrine”. The lodges may also receive members of any religion and everyone brings their own holy books to which they are given the same value as the Holy Bible.
The Masonry is proposed as the new universal religion while Christian churches are relegated to the category of mere “sects”. The real Masonic philosophy is “secular humanism”, an ideology Kabbalah merely human proponent of rationalism and naturalism. According to her, “nature” is guided by reason alone that leads into all truth and, consequently, a utopia of “liberty, equality and fraternity.” This should be the “novus ordo seculorum” (a new secular order). Masonic philosophy is the forerunner of the and influences later in the communist philosophy.
According to and : “We must be clear that, for its primary purpose, they need power. I today, what I see is an undeniable connection between Masonry and the Socialist International. In the book Jacques Mitterrand , Cousin of former President Mitterrand, mason and senior official of the Socialist Party of France, entitled “The policy of the Freemasons,” published in 1975, said that “as well as in the eighteenth century Freemasonry tantamount to equality in the nineteenth century to freedom, in the twentieth century Freemasonry is equivalent to root of Marxist socialism. “This book disappeared from the sale within weeks,” ABC, Supplement “Alpha and Omega.” Judaism for today, from jerusalem center of the Jewish wisdom, studying the weekly Parashar, parties and jaguim, Torah, Jewish History and Science
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