By Manuel Castells (La Vanguardia, 04/04/09): ‘The Washington consensus is over, “said Gordon Brown at the end of the G-20’s reunion in London has symbolically marked the end of a model of capitalism and uncertain beginning of a new form of globalization. Gone are the blind faith in the market’s ability to regulate themselves, the cornerstone of the so-called Washington consensus, the dominant dogma of our economy and our lives in the past two decades. I will reduce the company to market and market to the stock market. At this time there were two in 1857 coined the first and second in 1869.
With the pieces minted in 1857 began a new era in the history of Uruguay NUMISMATICA, as from that date all the money was coined in Houses in currency outside the country.
The pieces of the application in 1869 inaugurated the Uruguay metric system, creating the Peso which is divided into 100 cents.

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