El Faro.
-Located at Cape San Agustin two lighthouses: one old shows no signs of any kind, and another, which gives reference to the Cape sea goes. It has a very picturesque sight. On clear days, you can see from this place the coast of Burela.
Have a nice ride, which take advantage of some painters to make their first steps, and many photographers are bringing the bride and groom on their wedding day to make a story in this beautiful place.
Behind the old lighthouse, a big bell, not many years had a booth in order to get on touch when passing boats.
Many were women who once came up here to play the hood while someone, they took advantage to say “Adios”, wagging a towel to the wind.
The first inhabitants of Ortiguera built a humble shrine under the advocation of St. Augustine, which were only a few remnants of foundation (in 1953), but the extreme tip of the coast, for the present church, which in its first trace and the center of the field, whether in the main data of the seventeenth century, was subsequently amended and extended, providing comprehensive and pleasant chapel, site of Super and frequent worship. And works with successive reforms, the old chapel is small and broad spacious chapel, which is now a subsidiary of Mohi. For this service of worship with the Chapel of San Agustin of valuable ornaments gift of the family “Jardon” benefactor of Ortiguera.
Dan typical curious character Chapel models of boats votes of neighbors and children of sailors Ortiguera that every year waiting for their big day festivities, which the missing sailors seek to come to the corner loved.
Port .-
Until 1918 there was only towards the dock and this time a penalty level that dock near the boat, but thanks to the zeal and interest of D. MA Jose Cienfuegos could build a small dock.
That sir, was the City Council of an amount Coana 3,000 pesetas to the work of the pier with dynamite and blow a shame, as the “Stone of Porto, at the entrance and there was a real danger for ships immediately that the sea is a bustling little. And subsequently made a number of works which give the appearance that it now has. This endowed by nature with excellent natural conditions, but limited by its size. Loss and the importance of its port, which was even commercial traffic and industry, has today a residential function.
It is a very picturesque port, where they learned to swim most of the children of Ortiguera. It has a stone beach, where the river empties Fundia, who once used as laundry women, on stone, close to the mouth, on the beach.
Beach .-
It is a cove between Cape San Agustin in and road Foxos called Amelle. It’s surrounded by cliffs and has two entrances: one from a neighborhood of low Ortiguera La Rasa (Poceirua), with 273 steps ( climb down and good!) And from another part of Foxos down, with fewer steps, but longer.
It has clean sand and is not sticky. It is very quiet, I would say almost “family”. It is much visited by foreigners, and from about 10 years ago has lifeguard all summer.
Who knows, come back!
Since Ortiguera is a small fishing village, it is difficult to find accurate information on their history in books. Therefore, given that I am not born here, and nobody in my family either, I speak of my beautiful town on the knowledge I have of it.
Ortiguera is located on the west coast of Asturias, near the border with Galicia, with first-villa Ribadeo gallega-west direction at about 25 kilometers away. It is a small jewel in the tourism council of Coana, which constitutes the largest population, has a small fishing port, which retains some traditional and is called “The Ribeiro,” and also has a beautiful beach, called “Arnella.
It is the social center of the council, with the Casa de Cultura and Telecentro municipal district “The Rabeiron. It also has a cement ramp to play indoor football, tennis. As for natural wonders, beyond the port and beach, have a wonderful lookout located on Cape San Agustin, where the chapel of the same name, along with our two lighthouses, the old and modern, offering a amazing view of the Bay of Biscay.
Ortiguera contara approximately 1,000 inhabitants. The population, unfortunately, this very old and most people are retired, either the sea or of companies in the area.

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