And as for manga magazines, also known as’ manga magazines “or” anthology magazines “, I must say that their spins are spectacular: At least ten of them spend a million copies a week. Shonen Jump is the best-selling magazine, with 6 million copies each week. Shonen Magazine followed with 4 million. Other well-known manga magazines is Shonen Sunday, Big Comic Original, shonen gangan, Ribon, Nakayoshi, Young Animal, Shojo Beat and Lala. Manga magazines are weekly or monthly publications between 200 and 900 pages on which they attend many different series in turn consist of 20 to 40 pages per issue. These magazines are usually printed on low quality paper and black and white except the cover and usually a few pages from the start. They also contain several stories of four panels. If proved successful manga series are published for several years.Its chapters can be collected in volumes of about 200 pages called tank bon, which collect 10 or 11 chapters that appeared in magazines before. The paper and inks are better quality, and who has been attracted to a particular story of the magazine will buy it when it goes on sale in the form of tank bon. They have recently been printed versions ‘luxury’ for those readers who seek a higher quality print and looking for something special. For orientation, magazines cost around 200 or 300 yen (just under 2 or 3 euros) and tank bon cost about 400 yen (3.50 euro). Another theme that has emerged about the proliferation of file sharing over the Internet is the digital format that allows reading on a computer or similar denominated e-comic. The most commonly used formats for this are the. Cbr and. Cbz, they really are compressed files (in rar and zip, respectively) with images in common formats (jpeg and gif mostly) inside.It is also usually distributed as single images or also in pdf or lit.

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