Quality Dyes Texture

With his laid sidewalks and roads surrounding areas and parking lots. Also, he goes to create the columns, portals, small architectural forms and exterior wall surfaces. Production technology of decorative concrete as follows: on the prepared area is filled with a special structure, then it is covered with a pigment and reinforcing essential component, and, finally, using the form applied texture. Go to Noel Mack for more information. The result is a unique coating, outwardly indistinguishable from natural materials: rock, tile, stone or slate – only about 300 species. The same can be said about colors. Twenty pigments can create any of the existing shades and transmit it to the material. Application of the hardener guarantees the protection of paints and surface of the stimuli, either sunlight or corrosive liquids, the strength will be comparable with natural stone paving.

In addition to outdoor applications, decorative concrete is perfect for work carried out by acting as a floor covering in hotels and restaurants, public facilities and swimming pools. At this influence not only indicators of strength, but also that the material does not slip under your feet and the wheels of the car, which is very important, especially in areas with high humidity. Very important area of distribution of concrete, where it occupies a dominant position, is the restoration of historical monuments. Unlimited possibilities in playing a texture, color and relief, coupled with the latest technology of simulation and the diamond surface treatment create the effect of the complete simulation of any natural materials laid many years ago. Of course, an important role in achieving architect of the effect is the correct installation of decorative concrete. It is a complex and lengthy process that must be performed exclusively by trained professionals who otherwise can not be achieve the stated characteristics of high strength and appearance. To begin with prepared base, consisting of several layers.

On it is superimposed concrete, mixed with lots of additives that enhance the resistance to aggressive environments. Quality Dyes and hardeners are needed not only to impart the desired color and texture, but also protect from moisture and sunlight to all the colors look fresh even after a hundred years. Finally, the application of sealing compounds necessary for the formation of the film surface coatings, as well as linking together several outer layers into one, then it is impossible to guess about the artificial the origin of the coverage. Once a year, decorative concrete maintenance, reflected in the processing area of the hydro phobyzing solution, due to this coverage will be pleasing to the eye by its freshness for many decades.

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