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The situation also worsened towards the late 1970s, when many toxicidas were deleted market by the effects that could cause in humans and pets (including DDT). While it is reasonable to withdraw from the market products that may be harmful to us, the reality is that many of these products were potentially harmful because of its high toxicity, which was exactly what made them so effective with pests. Seeing us surrounded by unwanted guests, and with pesticides of low toxicity for home use by non-professionals as our only weapon to fight them, we are practically forced to resort to numerous companies that offer their services. Why is not surprising boom which currently living pest control companies. The offer is unlimited, and one can see overwhelmed when it comes to say. In a way arguably pest control companies are a pest themselves.

Where before there was 10 now there are 100, and it cannot be predicted how many more are going out low the stones. Pest control is a very active sector, and any company that you promise results and seriousness (and later meet) can gradually make with a good reputation who will put them in the ideal situation of stability that every company seeks to achieve. For its part, the Spanish urban pest control industry maintains fifth position in Europe by volume of business. To head Germany, United Kingdom, France and Italy are also. It is estimated that a total of more than 10,300 companies dedicated to the pest control industry coexist in Europe, and that among them were engaged about 40,000 professionals. In the case of Spain in particular, figures are also good: are some 1,400 companies whose turnover amounts to EUR 200 million and employ about 5,500 professionals. Take for example a company that acts in the Spanish levante area.

During the year 2004, the company experienced a growth of 40%, something unthinkable for other sectors that currently face serious cuts in budget, and that you have only posted losses in recent years. Uploaded to the wave of success of this growth, they now seek expanded to the whole country, and if they continue the good work they have done until now, surely it is a good move for the company. Especially if taken into account that this company was founded in 2002, and that two years later already showed such good results. What no one can deny is that it is a market with future expectations. The companies that are in charge of developing pesticides are a State of constant reinvention, seeking the balance between effective products for the control of pests, with the lesser degree of toxicity to not expose humans to unnecessary dangers. Although citizens may not the growth of these companies, do them grace since it obviously also implies the growth of pests, at least we have the consolation that a sector in Spain is going better than ever.

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