Subjective Rights

It is for this use to the meaning of the concept of subjective right that we will see later. Ex: "The right to vote," "a say", "property rights", etc. Law as a Standard or system or set of legal rules: You want to mean this sense the set of legal rules governing a particular social group or social coexistence in a given time. That is, correspond in this case use the meaning of objective law. Ex: "civil law", "Commercial Law", "Colombian law," Public Law ", etc. In the sense of positive law or natural law: To cite concepts hurry, let's see carefully with respect to natural law and positive. If we look for the word in a dictionary more or less constantly find these definitions: "RIGHT m. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Sotheby’s on most websites.

(lat. directum). The set of laws and regulations that determine social relations from the point of view of people and property. ( Sin, See Justice and Freedom). / College of doing one thing, to dispose of it or to request something from a person: the father has the right to punish his son when he deserves it. / Study of Law: Second-year law .

/ Pl Fees: collect royalties from a book. / civil rights, whose exercise civil code guarantees to all citizens: The right to test is a civil right. natural law, a set of rules based on natural justice . positive law, the provisions of the law: positive law is aimed at overcoming the difficulties of natural law. / law of nations or international law, which determines the relations between peoples.

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