Aang and his friends come to a festival of Fire Nation, so that Aang can find a teacher that could teach Fuego dressed as there are posters of “wanted” of Aang (if purchased at the festival about the same masks).
Initially, the three enjoy the festivities (though see a puppet show where the Fire Lord Ozai is a “great hero”, burning some “evil” soldiers of the Kingdom of the Earth who tried to attack him). Then watch a demonstration of Fire Control, where a large audience.
Unfortunately, the Master Katara Fire calls for action (although Aang wanted to be chosen to play him unless the person who wanted to be elected Katara), making its maiden who asks for help (even tied to a chair). Teacher creates a dragon of fire, and made a demo with Katara. But soon seems to lose control of the dragon and goes directly towards Katara. Aang, fearing for their safety, use Air Control to stop the dragon, but that it had been just an act. Soon discover that Aang is the Avatar, and the three friends escape from the soldiers of the Fire Nation. Fortunately, a man helps them escape, called Chey.
As they fly away in APPA, Chey explains that serves a Master Fire Control, named Jeong Jeong who has abandoned the Nation of Fire. Jeong Jeong said that was the first to leave the army of the Nation of Fire and still lives, and that is the second (although Chey admits that being in second place does not so famous). Chey guia al grupo al campamento de Jeong Jeong dentro del bosque, pero son interceptados por los seguidores de Jeong Jeong (Chey los saluda amigablemente, aunque los seguidores son absolutamente indiferentes). Then invite them to camp, and Aang tries to learn Fire Control Jeong Jeong. Aang comes as a tent and tries to Jeong Jeong to persuade him to teach Fire Control. Jeong Jeong tells him that no, you must first master the Land and Water Control. However, when one sees the vision of Avatar Roku, Jeong Jeong to teach Aang to the Fire Control, accepted.
Jeong Jeong to teach Aang begins slowly, beginning with breathing exercises, but the couple wants to learn advanced techniques Avatar Fire Control. Jeong Jeong is upset with the lack of discipline shows Aang, telling Aang vehement, that without control, fire cause nothing but unnecessary destruction, using as an example of a former student of his, showing impatience and lack of discipline as Aang . Aang apologizes and says that he will learn how to Jeong Jeong to teach him. Jeong Jeong then said to work with fire (which thrilled to Aang). While Jeong Jeong desentusiasma fast when given the task of preventing a road that Jeong Jeong began to burn from the middle, is completely burned. Jeong Jeong is to address other things, and Aang, still feeling tight, takes his exercise to the next step and create fire. Aang plays with this one time (but be careful that Katara insists), until it burns Katara’s hands, trying to imitate a movement of the Master of the festival. Katara runs crying, anger leads to Aang and Sokka. Jeong Jeong again, and continues to Katara.
Katara tries to cool the burned hands in the river, and a miraculous cure. Jeong Jeong tells Katara that has healing powers. Jeong Jeong then confessed his desire to be a Master Water, by its ability to heal, because the fire only bring destruction. This interrupts the Admiral Zhao (who is revealed to be the ex-student of Jeong Jeong) and his men, who had located the camp and fight against Jeong Jeong (though attempts at this are not very enthusiastic).
Aang, hidden away in the shop Jeong Jeong trying to think of his great error is driven to help Katara Jeong Jeong. While Aang feels terribly guilty, disclosure of Katara healing restores the spirit of fight of Aang. With a fiery demonstration, Jeong Jeong and his men escaped, while Aang faces Zhao. Recalling the lesson Jeong Jeong, Aang provokes Zhao, by destroying their own ships. Zhao can only watch as their ships are burned and sunk into the river while Aang escapes.
Ido with Jeong Jeong, the three regain their journey out of the woods. With a hard lesson of the power of Fire Control in their minds.

Fire Dragon Pentagram Athame by Drifting Dragon

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