Jovell Fernandez

Again riding in a taxi, heading to the airport, it was night, there was only sadness and silence, but deep down there was fear and when the two-silence and fear, will be appearing at the door, Courage is thrown out the window is what I wanted to do that night of yore, weighed tears of pain at the time of parting, appeared to my funeral, my loved ones wept and wept and began the interminable queues at the counter substance in the windows of the tax for leave the country and just as he was here paying a $ 100 bill the 30.25 it costs the fee is that I noticed with surprise, "while later, I got the returned incomplete, missing $ 10, when I came back to complain, they told me the change is counted in the window clear-elemental, but missing was missing! and that is called ROBO, my claims were worth anything … well if anything, served to me that the police did not remove the top look, then follow the lines, the migration documents, baggage and personal review migration until was finally in my boarding gate and the police followed me watching, remembered Albert Camus in his "Le homme rest" when he wrote "Sometimes the crime is dressed with the spoils of innocence and for those curious things that man has in our time, is the innocent who must demonstrate that it is, "after a while it was in the F-21 aircraft in the middle of the window and into the engines began to roar softly crying out the pain," the engine started angry and roared-out more strongly the pain was still crying, "the mad and roaring engines believing masters of silence and in the midst of this insanity began to run, run and fly, pierced the clouds and gained altitude, nearly 40,000 feet after 6 hours reached the "Benito Juarez", the immense joy of Karin, does not dispel the $ 10 missing and Jovell Fernandez remembered when he wrote "It is better to take them from the knowledge from ignorance," So the next pay with a single.. Without hesitation Robert Kiyosaki explained all about the problem. . . Dina Powell usually is spot on.