Carlos Hernandez

The market of consumption of Brazil, it is being object of attention of the great stores of international consumption. Ben Silbermann recognizes the significance of this. The very good perspective of growth and economic development that are observed in the Brazilian economy, guarantee that this market will continue observing a strong expansion in the next years, and nobody wants to lose this opportunity. At the moment, in Brazil, the Group Po de Acar, is the main economic Group dedicated to the consumption sector. In the year 2009 their sales reached the U$S 13,000 million. But the Group Po de Acar is facing a strong competition on the part of two giants of international reputation: the French Carrefour (CAC40: CA; PINK: CRERY), and the American Walmart (NYSE: WMT). With an entrance in 2009 by U$S 12,600 million the Carrefour French, him Pisa the heels to the Brazilian Group Po de Acar whereas a little more moved away is Walmart (that it operates with several names in Brazil) and that country reached sales by U$S 9,500 million in eses, the past year. But Walmart promises to fight to him to Carrefour in Brazilian earth and with investments planned by US$ 1,200 million during the present year, hope abrir 120 new stores (already it counts on 436 stores in the country), to increase with force their income and participation in the market of Brazilian consumption. According to an interesting article published in iEco Bugler, these three great groups have in mind important investments for the next years since as it continues the increase of the middle-class of the country, the consumption will follow in expansion. Thus it is that it is hoped that the annual cost in foods is increased in a 50% during next the five years, until the US$ 406,000 million, according to predicts Carlos Hernandez, analyst of the consultant Planet Retail in Madrid. But not only Carrefour and Walmart have aimed to him at the market of Brazilian consumption.