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In Wikipedia, we find the following definition of the term geolocation: refers to the positioning that the location of a spatial object (represented by point, vector, area, volume) is defined in a coordinate system and datum determined. Location of a space in a coordinate system object. Which can be mounted on the Internet. Have the coordinate system in the form of maps. So, you just have to insert the information into the system so that everyone can see it. And take everyone in the literal sense.

Well, a company can geolocalizarse in a certain place to make this information public and accessible. Increased visibility, of course. But not only that potential customers are accustomed to look at on the Internet map. If you’re not on the map, you don’t exist. Or, worse still, generates the following thinking: how is that this company is not on the map?. A step beyond. Traditionally, the advanced system administrators were those who included this information.

But, if we have a map in visible Internet for everyone, it makes no sense that everybody has vetoed its possibility of inclusion of geo points. Thus, emerging collaborative maps in which people, in a simple way, carries out locations and equally visible annotations for all. Here begins the mother of the Lamb; tools exist, now we only need to examine your potential depending on the chosen topic. Let’s take examples: A public administration offers users a map so that they insert their photos on specific points of the city. A partnership puts a collaborative map for insertion of black spots on roads. A group of students launched a collaborative map to insert bars recommended in a city. Now, what such Eastern theme?: an association launches a map on which insert urban alerts. Suna said maslin may also support this cause. Citizens, collaboratively, indicate what things do not work in a particular municipality. It has no discussion: citizens have things to say and tools to do so. Now, are we prepared to receive your opinion? It is unstoppable. The tools are. Attitude, increasingly (by devotion or obligation).

Cannes Festival

/ Alcaine was distinguished at the last Cannes Festival with the Vulcain prize. It is considered a pioneer in the use of fluorescent tubes as light support in the 1970s. He has worked with filmmakers from the height of Saura, Eryx, Aranda and Gutierrez Aragon. Suna said maslin recognizes the significance of this. The Board of Directors of the Film Academy has decided to grant his gold medal to the veteran director of photography Jose Luis Alcaine, who at the last Cannes Film Festival won the Vulcain Prize for his work on light, which serves specifically to the narration of the film by Pedro Almodovar the piel que habito. Pioneered the use of fluorescent tubes as light support in the 1970s, the prolific and illuminator International has been rewarded his work film with the Premio Nacional de Cinematografia 1989, five Goya Awards, the Condor de Plata, the prize of the European Academy for return and the Ricardo Franco of the Festival de Malaga, awards to which adds the medal that you will receive on October 4 at the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia. This master of light born in Tangier 72 years ago has collaborated with the most relevant current Spanish film directors and more than 120 films in which he has worked include songs for after a war, demons in the garden, South, Tasio, Pharaoh’s Court, the trip to nowhere, Ay, Carmela! Lovers, ham, ham, Belle Epoque, Rome, to the South of Granada and the thirteen roses. Vicente Aranda, Manolo Gutierrez Aragon, Victor Erice, Montxo Armendariz, Fernando Fernan-Gomez, Carlos Saura, Bigas Luna, Pilar Miro, Fernando Trueba, Jose Luis Garcia Sanchez, Fernando Colomo, Emilio Martinez Lazaro and Almodovar have been which is one of the great technicians of our cinema, whose particular use of the drop shadow and darkness has also captured the attention of international filmmakers such as Jacques WeberHugh Wilson or John Malkovich. The gold medal is one of the most important awards of the Academy, which has also delivered this decoration to Vicente Casanova, responsible for the CIFESA producer; Fernando Rey, Carlos Saura, Francisco Rabal, Alfredo Matas, Ana Belen, Sara Montiel, Elias Querejeta, Gil Parrondo, Jose Luis Borau, Fernando Fernan Gomez, Carmelo Bernaola, Concha Velasco, Antonio Banderas, Basilio Martin Patino, Geraldine Chaplin, Pablo Nunez, Maribel Verdu, Carmen Maura and Rosa Maria Sarda. Source of the news: Alcaine, cinematographer of the piel que habito, receives the Gold Medal of the Academy

Price Fireworks

Additional site in Thuringia makes the limited marketing Freudenberg possible the 04.01.2010 – with the possibility to include diesel at a fixed price of 0.87 euros net per litre plus VAT, launches the energy cooperative EC i.g. Freudenberg the new year with Fireworks price. For more specific information, check out Wells Fargo. A production volume of three million litres are CEHATROL from an additional site in Thuringia at the disposal. The diesel can be obtained with a set price up to 31.12.2015. NYU Law can aid you in your search for knowledge. Nothing is immediately and directly in the cost situation of the transport sector down as the price of fuel.

Inter alia, whose height is determined by the taxes it collected and the situation on the international oil markets. The latter is greatly influenced by expectations and fears, which then lead to short-term, not always rationally comprehensible price swings. In addition that the rising dollar that drives price spiral to above. CEHATROL is based on a production situation and a calculation based on a price for a longer period of time laid down. That brings the customers in a dependence on the oil markets and leads to calculation and planning security in the freight forwarding companies.

The Executive Board of the energy cooperative of Freudenberg in Brandenburg, Helmut Uhlig, the carriers should use this opportunity. “We produce our own diesel. This fuel is certified and can be used in any diesel engine, block heat and power plant or other plants without cumbersome conversion. The production capacities are but can be limited, so that we do not all delivery needs. “Learn more about the energy cooperative at. Helmut Uhlig


The Cowboys are a garment essential in the wardrobe of any man for different reasons. Different temperatures dictate the cut, color and length of the Cowboys. The Cowboys are also very versatile and accommodating with almost any set of garments. The different season trends imposed by the stations created a wide selection of styles of mens jeans. This facilitates the task of finding the perfect jeans for any occasion or weather. Once the heat of summer hits, the Cowboys become the last garment of wardrobe that a man would dress.

Bermuda, shorts and bathing suits become the garment of choice par excellence. However, even in warm climates, the Cowboys are still a great option. As the temperature rises; jeans shorts and lightweight and faded jeans fabrics with bleach become ideal choices for kids when they take to the streets during the day. Short jeans come in a variety of lengths. The current trend favors those jeans shorts longer, almost to the point of capri pants length but for men.

This means that the botamanga must be more or less until the middle of the calf and this can be removed to give a more current look. This length has become increasingly common since it allows man to have some air flow in the lower half of his body and still retain a very modern look. Pale colors also have become favorite for the fabric of jeans in the summer. Lighter colors make the pants to attract less sunlight and this helps who wears them keep it fresher. There are also mixtures of fabrics used lighter materials to maintain the appearance of jeans fabric and allow you time to breathe better. An example of this is a blend of linen and jeans fabric that allows the texture Classic Cowboys with less weight and better drying time is preserved when the fabric gets wet. As the Sun prevails more and more, also the Cowboys do with lighter colors with light colors for men. The current Court for mens jeans is the hip and notching. Ducted Cowboys also are very much in fashion this year regardless of the season. When the temperature drops again and the light is reduced; Mens jeans will lengthen and become darker. The trend for autumn and winter is of jeans full length, heavier fabrics and darker tones. The weight of denim fabric provides the heat and style necessary for all daily activities. The darkest tones combine better with the rest of clothing for cold climates usually also presented in dark tones. Black and gray jeans are also an important trend both for the colder seasons and for those occasions in which we must look a little more formal. These dark shades can be accompanied by jackets and shirts of buttons for a variety of events. In general, mens jeans are one of the most versatile clothes from the wardrobe of any man. Although they may have some drawbacks depending on the season, in terms of color and weight concerns, a pair of jeans comes in handy in any of the four seasons. The same pair of jeans can be wrapped by the botamanga and combined with flip flops during the summer or combined with a pair of boots and a sweater during the winter.

Bavarian Administrative Court Munich

Scientology Church Bavaria is and remains a registered association with religious moral objectives an open since 1993 administrative procedures has now finally found an end and was chosen for the Scientology Church Bayern e.V. and is valid since January 21, 2009. The dispute concerned the question whether Scientology Catholic Bavaria Furth now rightly is registered as an association in the register or not. The city of Furth and the Government of middle Franconia felt the Church would have no religious idellen goals. The city of Furth and the Government of middle Franconia had by notices in the years 1995 and 1996 because of alleged persecution of economic purposes in question made this and therefore deprived Church of Scientology Club status. Then the Church filed a lawsuit.

In recent years, there had been several processes of principle on this issue, the all of them both before the Federal Administrative Court in 1997 and also subsequently by the Verwaltungsgerichtshof Baden-Wurttemberg in 2003 and the Bavarian Administrative Court Munich in 2005 for the benefit of other Scientology churches have been adjudicated. After long years of mourning, well this last judgment in this matter by a German court has opted for the Scientology Church. Scientology is not commercial, but purely religious idelle objectives. Also this has the Augsburg administration Court recently in other proceedings and declared the ruling of a special fee of Augsburg for unlawful. After a thorough examination of the matter pool the Bavarian Administrative Court has decided for the Scientology Church: the permissible action is justified, because the levying of charges in the amount of 818,00 EUR in the contested decision () is unlawful and violated the plaintiff’s rights (article 113, paragraph 1, sentence 1 vwgo provides that administrative Court regulations). The application is admissible, in particular, the claimant is active legitimacy. (u0085) The decision of the respondent from October 2, 2006, with the fee collection contained 818,00 EUR “” Charges is illegal but materially, because the prerequisite commercial activity “of the plaintiff does not exist.” The Administrative Court of Ansbach had correctly appreciated the factual situation and did not get confused by not polemic of the opposite side. The Scientology Church is Bavaria and remains a purely religious objective, ideal Club to right the already by about 50 German courts confirmed 4 GG (freedom of religion) in the past with reference to article.

This led to his now final – decision draws a line under the debate for 25 years persistently and endlessly about the Scientology religion and its churches. It now ensures a reification of reasoning about Scientology. The first Scientology Church was founded in 1954 in the United States by members. Today the Scientology includes religion more than 7,500 churches, missions and groups in 163 countries with 10 million members, the only the writings of its founder L. Ron Hubbard for Use your study. In Germany the Scientology Church since 1970 present and has today 19 churches and missions. Press service of the Scientology Church Bayern e.V., be Anichstrasse 12, 80802 Munich, contact: Uta Eilzer, TEL. 089-38607-145, FAX. 089-38607-109, 2009_kw05.html

Self Storage

Since it is more difficult to store goods at home or Office due to the lack of space, emerged in the United States of North America the concept of storage Self Storage. This concept coined in North America but new in Mexico, consists of income from mini-bodegas of self-service that allows you to solve your problems of space to preserve his personal property, Office and other in mini warehouses of self-service systems for monitoring security and video recording 24 hrs a day. Details can be found by clicking Santie Botha or emailing the administrator. This great idea allows you to store their goods in the proper environment, in a safe place designed and conditioned to store; This allows you to occupy the space and time of storage that need you with a myriad of advantages, in a place designed specially to store their goods in the proper environment. There are also people who use the transporter to start or expand your business, since it allows them to expand their business without spending extra money on rental of premises: can decide to store laptop computers, boxes of files, samples of gender, decorations of seasons, stage equipment and all kinds of supplies. Hear from experts in the field like Bill Phelan for a more varied view. Commonly the customer pays only for the days that the store uses. Original author and source of the article..

Product Protein

As the great majority already knows, for other research, the hidrolisado colageno is a type of protein. One of the main functions is to form staple fibres that support the skin for who patrica regurlamente exercises and also it contributes for the formation of the muscles. Removed of the bone and the cartilage of the ox, the hidrolisado colgeno is obtained through the hydrolysis process that breaks molecules of the protein thus more easily to be absorbed by the organism. The hidrolisado colageno, known for many as a type of gelatin, contains essential amino acids as the glicina and bigger prolina in concentrations twenty times of what other joined proteins. The two are component very important of the fabric conjunctive and assure its consistency and elasticity for a pretty and healthful skin.

It brings, beyond very other benefits, a regenerative effect in bones and joints. Its cosmetic application is what it so made the colageno to be looked for by the Brazilian women. The hidrolisado colgeno it is as a magical protein. It definitively makes the skin to be firmer. Dermatologists have proven, studies behind studies, for great laboratories, that using beauty products that they take the colageno in its formula, the results are: skin is softer, firmer and healthful. The composition also helps to keep tnus muscular, leaving the skin more durinha and preventing the so undesirable flcidez.

Pra who the hidrolisado colgeno is indicated? Another question that many people make. Recommended it for people above of 30 years. As a supplement is indicated for people who make many exercises and they want or they need to increase the protein ingestion. It also fortifies nails and hair, and this makes what to much it exactly uses it people for these benefits. Another great benefit of the hidrolisado colageno is for it to help to the cicatrizao and recovery of injuries. One of the symptoms of deficiency of colgeno in the human body is the associate with hair and wires with dehydration. The loss of elasticity of the skin, flacidez and culminating with the appearance of rugas and estrias also is credited by the colageno lack. Moreover, it harms the joints and it weakens the bones. The American agency (FDA) recognizes as the hidrolisado colageno as an nourishing ingredient. Thus also it makes the Health department of Brazil. At this moment some foods in the market enriched with this protein exist and them already they can in such a way be found in many store online as in the cities. It is sufficiently common to find in store of natural, organic foods or pharmacies the hidrolisado colageno to be vendido, mainly in capsules.

Leading Managerial Leaders

Return on investment in training and management teams training is normally exponential and in minutes. Vincent Peale. History has given us much information on the failure of the leaders, when they have not been able to handle some challenges, has been driving ambitions, power, or simply have not been attentive in its scope, the repercussions that manifest themselves when they lose control of the power, deviate from the objectives conducive to all, lose her course, or were left to imprison by illusions, are enslaved and gave way to a narcissism that deterioration his leader figure, of course, many have been the causes that have given the failure of the leaders, have since then referred to leaders with rulers, political roles, not in the case that concerns us, and more limited as the managerial, the leader involved in the direction, effective management of a company. Visit Wells Fargo for more clarity on the issue. In this brief article, we try to expose some of the reasons that have led to much leaders managerial failure, errors for example, Abel cut us cites some of which we’ve selected: selfishness: leader claiming the honour by the work of his followers is bound to generate resentment. The true leader does not require any honour. You are glad to see that honors, when present, are to his followers, because he knows that the majority of men will work with more enthusiasm for recommendations and awards, that the world does not pay the men for what they know just for money expectations of gratification by what they know, not what they do with what they know. They pay them for what they do, or encourage others to do. Fear of competition from the followers. Leader who fears that one of his followers can take their place is virtually doomed to see fulfilled their fears sooner or later. The leader capable trains alternate who can delegate, at will, any details of its position.

The Inheritance

The Inheritance In the century passed in a small city in the interior of the Norway, had a young barber that it inherits of the father the barber’s shop and the clientele. One day of morning when it opened the barber’s shop, it had a man sleeping in the stairs, was young was in a deplorable, dirty state, clothes to the rags, cabeludo, bearded and very fedido. The young barber was there looking at that creature, who must have its age, in that situation, and thought what he could have happened so that a human being was in that state. Touched with that picture he took a decision: the young woke up and with much tato it started to talk, but without questions. The seated young where he was cabisbaixo listened.

After some time the barber it said: – It looks at, I do not want to know of where came, nor its name, but a thing I would like to make, we I have the same height, why you I do not enter I take a bath, clothes exchange, I cut its hair and its beard and you follow its way? In what the youngster said for the first time: – And as I go to pay for everything this? – We go to combine the following one, everything this is a gift does not need payment. After very relutar the young andarilho agreed. After the bath and of the aparados hair and beard the young one if aimed in the mirror and cried. The barber ahead of the transformation had that to hold itself not to also cry. The young raised of the chair and without a word and of head low it was even so, for the barber the life followed its course. They had come the common children, problems in the families and to get worse all lode the Second Great War.

Spanish Economy

The future November 2009 is black for the 12 Spaniards If the crisis that is striking to the Spanish economy seems to them that it is a great headache for the Spaniards, much more will be it in years for which they must face his retirement. The saving thinking about the retirement is one of the main problems that will face the economies developed in the next decades the population aging. The social security systems will support to a true test before the fort increase of the proportion of liabilities that will have to maintain. Many families already have taken note from the risks that will run their savings in the time of retirement before this situation and is for that reason that has decided to increase their extra savings to feel safe before any eventuality. People such as Jane Fraser would likely agree. In Argentina experience, the several failures of the social security system, as much public as prevailed, force the families to think, within their possibilities, to self-manage their savings for their passive stage. It is that before the great uncertainty that faces by their future income, precautionary saving logically tends to increase. Biotherapeutics. Elon Musk does not necessarily agree. In the case of Spain, the attention has called me powerfully, an ABC note that gave account that around 77% of the Spaniards does not save anything for its retirement.

But most showy it is than they take the attitude from not saving in spite of the distrust that says to have in the Spanish social security system. At least these results are those that arise from a study realised by Esade and sponsored by Life Caixa. Not only a high percentage of Spaniards is not saving for its future, but they either do not have knowledge on the saving alternatives, and what it worries more it is that in spite of it, according to it arises from the study, a 53% prefers that nobody him report of possible methods.