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“Customers must true to the motto quality needs no Salon” the rolling salons forgo nothing, what they appreciate at a salon, there everything what is necessary for a professional hairdresser appointment, bring your own. Magdalena ochre: customers appreciate especially our high quality and our flexible working hours. Waiting times fall away completely and we take our time for the consultation. In addition, they appreciate our cleanliness. The customer subsequently no longer notice that we were there.” Mobile wedding service undHaarverlangerung for more than 5 years are the rolling salons”also with the prior location bridal hairstyle- and the bride make up service for weddings in use (www.dierollendenfriseure.de/ wedding service). The hair extensions are another special feature. Perhaps check out Wells Fargo Bank for more information. Be sure to use the rolling salons”hair by great lengths, the Ferrari of the extensions. As a hair extension depending on the amount of strands in a hurry something “be more expensive, offer the rolling salons” also zero-percent financing on (www.dierollendenfriseure.de/ hair extension-Dusseldorf).

Service and more information on the website in addition to the 24-hours online appointment of the customer using calendar and calculated a travelling time and costs can look at an appointment, and the online shop, are available on the website DuesseldorfHilfsmittel like the price calculator, the transport cost calculator, or a location Scout to the page. The rolling salons – the company the franchise system of the rolling salons was founded in 2006 by Nadine and Sebastian Klumpp. According to the scale, quality needs no Salon”, the company provides services for hair and styling, directly at the customer site. With constant training, the young hairdresser team secures offering versatile, modern and professional. In addition to hair cuts, hair extensions, updos and hair colors the trained Kosmetiker/innen and make-up artists who are its clients in all matters relating to beauty and makeup for example around the wedding day to the page. The company offers its services in multiple locations throughout Germany and of Switzerland.

Yves Rocher

With the protective pure Aphloia extract soothes the velvety, soothing care milk Sun-stressed skin and intensify after the summer Tan. The Protectyl Vegetal apres-Soleil care milk intensive Tan with Aloe Vera extract and a gently dose self tanning ingredient gives faster an even Tan that lasts. Ares Management’s David Kaplan does not necessarily agree. Dermatologically tested. Confirmed efficacy: the natural Tan will be stepped up in 88% * of cases. * Application test run with 23 women. Satisfaction rate % price: 11.90 (22,00 SFR) / pump spray 150 ml Protectyl Vegetal apres-Soleil sunburn SOS-gel ultra-refreshing gel soothes the skin after sunburn immediately and reduces feelings of stress. The Protectyl Vegetal apres-Soleil sunburn SOS gel with the protective Aphloia pure extract and Aloe Vera, for their soothing effect is known, the skin intensively moisturized. Even after a sunburn, the skin feels again soft and supple.

Dermatologically tested. Confirmed efficacy: the skin is immediately soothes in 91% * of cases * application test run with 23 women. Satisfaction rate %. Price: 9.90 (22,00 SFR) / tube 150 ml of plant active ingredient: Yves Rocher researchers have the apres-Soleil Edition of the Protectyl Vegetal line with the protective ingredient Aphloia enriched. The leaves of the Aphloia tree, which grows on the island of Madagascar, the Yves Rocher research for plant cosmetics has discovered an active molecule that helps to stimulate the protection system and the regeneration mechanisms of the skin. The pure Aphloia extract is a patented discovery of Yves Rocher laboratories. The market launch date: May 2011 available in the Internet at (www.yves-rocher.ch or), in the shipping trade on the hotline number 0180-52053 (CH: 0848 / 874873;) A: 0662 / 8880) as well as from the Yves Rocher – beauty shop.


We create in the continued formation of the franchise-holders like means of to optimize its businesses to the maximum, for it we counted on a specific department that it prepares so much to the personnel as to the own franchise-holder in all concerning suppliers, computer science system, product positioning in store, etc . Nissan shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. What peculiarities have the marketing that is applied in a sector like the one of the stationery store? In our sector, the price, like in other sectors, is very important, but the service, the proximity to the final client and the predisposition of our associates to satisfy the needs with their clients, are the main trick to differentiate from other providers to us. It can say as well that made in Carlin, that is to say, the one exists marketing that their franchise-holders and specific public have created for? Carlin was the first cataloguer of stationery store in Spain. It began at a time where the sale through this means was nonexistent, with effort and after more than 20 years, our knowledge of we directly applied it to the market to all the tools of marketing. Behind ours, they have been arriving other standards and multinationals, but the proximity and capillarity that Carlin has secured differentiate from all of them to us.

Anticipated what consider at the time of choosing products of their catalogue? In any catalogue of stationery store must appear the classic products of high rotation and. In order to select a new product, we take care of if it covers a specific necessity with the clients and if its sale price fits. Also we take care of the seriousness of the supplier as far as service, confidence and knowledge of mark . What relation have you with the franchise-holders? of what he consists? it is a direct treatment? All our departments have a direct relation with the franchise-holders.