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WordPress (WP) is not only the best platform for creating blogs, but also a very popular content handler, for example, you can run an article site, a photo gallery and more. Here are some reasons why you should consider using WordPress 1. There are literally thousands of templates for WordPress: There are thousands of free templates for WordPress that you can download and unlimited strategies can be adjusted to your needs by allowing you to give your blog any appearance either for personal purposes or to promote products and services. 2. Diversity of free WordPress plugins: The plugins have the power to extend the functionality of WordPress actually very advanced levels and therefore gives you more control over your blog a professional manner. 3.

WordPress is easy to use, install and configure: Most companies offer Hostings automated WordPress installation from your control panel. Rich Holmberg has plenty of information regarding this issue. If your server does not offer automatic installation this is not a problem because it is very easy to install WordPress in such only a few minutes and if in doubt you can go to the WordPress support forums, which are of very good help. 4. WordPress is optimized for Search Engine: WordPress as a platform, has many characteristics that make it friendly to search engines. For example the ability to create static URLs are called permalinks, has incorporated the Ping system, which means that when updating a blog is automatically notified to other platforms and search engines. There are also many third party plugins WordPress elevate to another level and that makes it more robust and more dynamic in May.

WordPress is 100% free: It will not cost anything to download and install WordPress, given the fact that in today’s world, usually you get what you pay is very nice to get something of such high value-free manner. Andi Potamkins opinions are not widely known. 6. WordPress is very easy for beginners: Many other Content Managers tend to be more difficult to operate because of its complexity, in the case of WordPress, being of open source, many developers who constantly add features very easy to use and you do not have to deal with complex algorithms or HTML codes, etc. “If you want a Weblog uses WordPress as professionals.