How to transport a car Transport of cars it is not a too difficult task, but to plan it in advance and to choose the transport service of cars are essential so that the transfer is successful. Classes on watch. In order to transport a car, there are 3 options essentially (each one of as will be examined with more thoroughness down): 1) The car is drived until its destiny with provisional commercial matriculation. 2) The car is transported in an individual trailer for cars. 3) The car is transported in a trailer for several cars. That they take the car to its destiny, by means of a conductor with provisional commercial matriculation, can be the cheapest option. Nevertheless, there are more possibilities of than it suffers some damage by the way, to the being lead by highway (although a good transport service of cars with complete certainty will have insurance). Secondly, it will increase the kilometrage of the car, that can be significant in very long trips.

To transport the car in a trailer for a single car is probably the option more face, inasmuch as the cost is not distributed with other clients. If its vehicle is irreplaceable or especially valuable it can choose a closed trailer, but this option is more expensive. To use a trailer for many cars must be the economic option, when distributing itself the cost between many clients. Nevertheless, the delivery door door is not feasible in this case (with this method, the transport service of cars normally gives the car in a near center of distribution, where it must gather the vehicle). They are the transport companies of worthy cars of confidence? Once the subjects of the price and the insurance have been solved, it must be clear that the transport companies of cars are worthy of confidence and can deposit their confidence in which they try as it is deserved to a so valuable machine. Although he is not frequent that appears problems, these can arrive, so it is very important to prevent them as rapidly as possible.

After the delivery. That the car suffers damages during the transport is frequent pore and a lack of cooperation in case of suffering some damage is very little probable. Before taking legal routes or other resources it is necessary to try to resolve any problem with the company directly. In case it happens the worse thing, organisms such as the services of Attention to the Consumer can attend to him.