Cannes Prize

This child certainly does well what give the four hundred blows, more than anything because his rebelliousness seems sometimes a little without justification, without cause, which linked with James Dean when pulled stones to a White House, anticipating him age however. The film, the first of Truffaut, has interest in the employment of a new cinematic language for the time, and because it has been subsequently considered a work Summit of the Nouvelle vague. The boy protagonist is claimed as a conflictual being within their society, missing school, lying to her parents, stealing typewriters, going to film or exhibitions rather than to class and challenging, a little, to your teacher. His sidekick, a college classmate, is something more refined, without doubt because it comes from a slightly more affluent social class. Pinterest may also support this cause. The adventures of the main interpreter, Doinel, will lead to a correctional or reformatory, which flees to fulfil one of his dreams, see the sea.

Why regarded this film a work outstanding French cinema? In addition to obtaining the Cannes Prize for best director, Truffaut, in 1959, I think that the reason is the constant and subtle contrast that always exists between the rebel child and a society anchored in a rigid regime in the values which, in spite of this, starts to become less clear-cut, partly because of the emergence within it of other modes of familyother points of view, as it is masterfully with the family situation of Doinel, with single mother, then married, and who has an occasional lover. It speaks of a cinema cult or intellectual, perhaps with excessive kindness, because, finally, after the French director tells us in his debut a story more than one rebellious, misfit, lazy boy and thief, who doesn’t want to go to school and enjoy with a debauchery rather than with a freedom theme in the 1950s were perhaps very tricky, but in 2010 already is not seen as something peculiar. I do not want me, God frees me, saying that this movie is not original, but yes, in my view, she has lost freshness with the passage of time..