Sue the singer from Berlin is currently listening to teutoRadio as station-voice! After successfully sue their maxi-single Don’t send me flowers published has, she lends her voice the radio station from Ostwestfalen-Lippe to now the news, the weather, to say the advertising, etc.. So sue provides evidence that she also knows as to convince spokeswoman in addition to her talent as a singer. Because where she hosted initially only their own pieces as so called station ID’s, the makers of teutoRadio popular handset demand, just more announcements by Sue requested points out. She is now the voice of teutoRadio. For even more analysis, hear from Ruth Porat. While running their current single “don’t send me flowers” for teutoRadio on heavy rotation and the moderators are inundated by listener requests, Sue is working on their next release, to meet their ever-growing fan base. The second maxi single by Sue is expected to appear in January 2009 and with a danceable mid tempo track, together with their Disconnect the debut release, the field of activity of the artist. It will be so curious what else will be heard by the talented newcomer from Berlin in the future. Also an album by Sue is planned, which will provide the entire stylistic diversity of Sue really inspired to her fans.. NYU Law might disagree with that approach.

Berlin Songs

Nikolic is the homeland in Neukolln in the Hall In her home port of Neukolln in the Hall in his first full-length solo program Alexander Nikolic, the Golden voice of Kreuzberg, to admire. Classical music lovers and Balkangroover are thrilled when the young tenor classical melodies combined with Hip-Hop and his own quirky funny German texts. In his program \”Oh Djamila!\” -Balkangrooves and everyday Arias\”rich classical and Oriental sounds the hand. The Montenegrin tenor combined with modern sounds of often exotic operetta, blues, folk music and songs in the singer-songwriter style. Check with Wells Fargo Bank to learn more. In the love song cycle, the audience can experience the romantic vein of the artist with the beautiful voice. In a white suit with flat CAP and Tiger T-shirt of singer, witty, sensitive, but also intelligent texts from everyday life presents how better when to keep his mouth shut, then you get them not disfigured!\”or the weather in Germany is cold, I’m from the lawyer\”. Nagaraj sings crispy and hot\”the Balkan Grill at Kottbusser Tor, love affairs in fitness studios and the antifascist woman collective.

His songs are always somehow also love songs on his Borough of Kreuzberg. So, Nikolic presented its official national anthem of the Republic Kreuzberg with the voice of an opera singer. \”\” The sympathetic artist tells entertaining experiences in Berlin and plays the song test in the naturalization procedure with the audience \”and it philosophizes about the common root of voice\” mood\”. The lead-ins and transitions are initially sometimes a little awkwardly and abruptly. After the break, the artist then turns into the normal jeans wearer of the road\”and still time significantly increases its class. Then is also the understandable excitement with Nikolic in the evening after the premiere, is blown away. It has not heard so authentically this entertaining kind of presentation by Nikolic in this classic sound with good breathy melodies.

1000 Far Dreams Tornero

Antonia from Tirol shipping the summer hit 2009 Kriftel (ots) “1000 far dreams Tornero ‘ thats a pop Schlager hit with the sympathetic Austrian romance in the hearts of many fans conjures up a warm breeze even before the summer calendar. Already before the official release (22.05.2009) Antonia at live performances was “1000 far dreams Tornero ‘ back and was deeply stirred by the rapid spark that jumped every time the audience. Antonia shines: “as soon as I sing this song, hands are up and all sing along.” The successful singer has processed their wishes and desires in writing. Therefore she would be more so that even in the party stronghold of Mallorca, Italy and Turkey, where Antonia is loved and played for their rousing party numbers, this romantic title has taken a course at the DJ’s is. A survey carried out among the trend-DJ’s in the holiday areas revealed that this catchy tune in many clubs already is the No. 1 hit. Here is “Tornero” played up and down. The new German text to the world hit of the Italian formation “I Santo California” wrote Antonia itself and so managed to win in their tightly organized work day as a popular artist and businesswoman repeatedly romantic moments for yourself.

Antonia from Tirol, who in addition to her singing career in the Rhine-main area leads a music label/publishing, is a sought-after partner for many companies. She has presented her first collection of wool fashion this spring, is working on a Dirndl collection, soon open their large Internet-shop and committed volunteers. But deep in her heart she is a romantic young woman who wants to enjoy favorite few moments of intimate togetherness with their loved ones. So glad to see it more so that together with her producer Peter Schutti the new interpretation of the 1970s world hits succeeded her. “1000 far dreams Tornero” is distributed by Sony music and is by the Jack White-label “Gloriella music” marketed. At the premiere of the TV here in Germany Antonia inspired the 24.05.09 in the ZDF television Garden on Sunday the entire audience.

Whether very young or more mature, all raised their hands and bad meriting in the rhythm of the melody. Antonia, manages to entertain people, to break with them, and now with their new single “Tornero” deep to touch. Because who wants sometimes not “just so 1000 dreams far, effortlessly through space and time” of course, there is the single for their fans, that they love for their quick party numbers, even a “party-Oooh-mix”-version comes at the romantic but not too short.Antonia from Tirol celebrates its 10th anniversary next year. She began her career at the end 1999 with the number 1 hit “Anton aus Tirol” on the side of DJ otzi. Since it is in international demand and scored with rocking party songs like: “Dirndl Song”, “I’m much nicer”, “Bright red rubber boot” and “If the OAT stands (Maija hi, maija hu) many Charter result.” In addition to numerous awards she has been several times for the Amadeus Music Award nomination. Their hits were sold over 4 million recordings. Antonia is a passionate singer and completed several hundred performances a year.