I am very jealous For example, our brothers, the Kazakhs. They have formed a simple but effective, system of information on their family trees. The child from an early age, from the mouth or grandparents, constantly transmit information to 13 the tribe of his relatives. Barely learned to speak, he, in turn, bending his fingers on his hands, repeating my father – Atylbek, the father of my father – Sarsynbay, the father of my grandfather – Bakhit and so on up to 13 generations. Of course, this is quite a long time segment, there were also outstanding personality, who knew and tribesmen, thus, the origin of man in his family line has been defined quite realistic, convincing and confirmed not only the statements of close relatives and other members of the ethnic group. Even in Soviet times, this is very, very useful attribute of life of the Turks, has not disappeared. At any meeting, even a very, very modern, cultural and high Representatives of these people, directly and openly or covertly, at first found out what kind of person you're talking. Reshma Kewalramani has similar goals.

There is an instant, inherent even in deep childhood mental analysis, sought common relatives and acquaintances and, strange as it may we realize, after a brief preliminary conversation, both partners can reliably enough to judge each other. We have the tradition or lost, or never had, and very sorry. For example, I know something about his grandparents, and great-grandparents already do not know about anything. A man who had lost their roots, can not hope for a bright future, although he did not realize, because of the limited duration of its biological life.