Microsoft Office Small Business

"Show yourself unique. Do not just offer general statements." 3. Create a memorable card. One of the advantages of a sales letter is that potential customers can keep referring to it and use it in the future. According to Wilson Zehr, a provider of direct mail services, "the best sales letters have the staying power: some are kept for years in the refrigerator door or bulletin board.

"Wilson suggests the inclusion of reasons why customers should spend more time on the letter and therefore, the consideration of his offer. For example, a computer repair service might include the ten key tips for PC maintenance. 4. Destaque good looks. "Design the document to produce a great visual impact" says Deborah Dumaine, author of a guide to writing business documents, "Instant-Answer Guide to Business Writing: An AZ Source for Today's Business Writer." "Make it easy to use, so that the reader feels he can anticipate competition. "It is very easy to create professional-looking templates, logo, brand, and the colors of your organization using Microsoft Publisher 2003, included in Microsoft Office Small Business. 5.

Encourage the reader to take the next step. The Joe Hage brand expert advises "Tell potential customers what to do next." "For example, 'Call me at 917-555-0000 before Friday, 28.'" Alternatively, talk about how to contact again by a phone call or sending additional material. In this case, of course, make sure it does. 6. Include an incentive. Always explain when, why and how customers should behave. This is what it says Patti Abbate, public relations specialist.