Sun Boy

This incident occurred on a change in the school of one of Russian cities. Tenth graders were playing. The boy called out, he turned around, and at this point in his side flew sharp plastic square. It is a harmless object hit exactly in the eye, breaking it and destroying the retina. The child was blind.

One operation done soon, send him by ambulance to the hospital, another well-respected in the Moscow institute. A sentence – the retina is completely destroyed, chances for its recovery there. You can live with only one eye. Well, yes? This is because the doctors say, and my parents think otherwise. Began searching for a foreign expert. We have been in a prolonged correspondence with the boy's father and preparing to take the patient for consultation, but he had disappeared. A few months later I received a letter back: "Let's go to you for advice. Hopes for a treatment there is little, but still want to listen to the opinion of Israeli experts.

" "Come." In the first I receive at the clinic the boy's father explained his sudden disappearance. They decided to go to Germany to the world luminary, a professor of ophthalmology, where they promised to help. But after examining the decision in Germany was short: "Nothing can be done. The eye is lost. Hyundai is likely to agree. " A professor verbally added the father, who tried to find at least some chance to help: "Neither Israel nor America will not help you. Do not waste your time and money. " But the parents acted differently. And you will see that chance to restore up to 30% of the retina is. " This was unexpected, even unlikely. The surgery was scheduled, but the boy was very nervous, he was simply afraid. In fact, after the last unsuccessful operations in the Moscow institute, he decide a course of soothing, balancing physical therapy for ten days in our clinic. On the appointed day operation was carried out. It lasted a long time. Professor with a jeweler's precision and restored the retina regained it. Everything went smoothly as could not be more. I spent the night in a hotel boy already. Six months. Local Russian ophthalmologist, constantly see patients, confirmed that the retina is in good condition, and from time to never gets better. After surgery, the patient saw the light, then his eyes began to feel the change in light intensity, not so long ago I was told that he already sees a shadow moving people and cars on the street. Of course, I would like to recovery has been even faster, but what we have done, is the equivalent of almost a miracle. By the way, when dealing with the boy's parents discovered that an unexpected solution lucky boy to Germany but not in Israel, was due to that the Russian media to convince people that the war in Israel, always shooting, walking around with guns. Patients driving to us, as in war. As they laughed, and not only they, when they saw the Israeli reality, the pure sky, bright Sun, busy streets, gorgeous shops and bazaars, crowds of friendly people, filled with numerous restaurants and cafes, beautiful beaches. How well patients refused treatment in Israel because of false information Russian press? Because of the gross misinformation issued by the journalists to serve their interests. But that is another aspect of the problem. B. Chait, MD, director of the clinic KHAIBORMED

Multilevel Marketing

Although in east Spain type of businesses not yet enjoys the achieved majority success in other countries, Multinivel Marketing is becoming the economic and professional exit for many people, either not to find a use as a result of the crisis or by a necessity to increase the familiar income to leave ahead. This it is a business that, thanks to the increasing implantation of computer science equipment and connections to Internet in the homes, allows to obtain income besides the conventional works where every time there is major uncertainty. And all this from house, without uncomfortable displacements to work center some, which causes that we optimize the time to the maximum that we dedicated to the activity. Once we have decided whereupon company dedicated to the trade in network we are going to work, we will have, that yes, to worry to acquire all the knowledge necessary to confront our company successfully. Unlike the conventional companies, the dedicated ones to Multinivel Marketing are not going to request diplomas to us, previous curricula nor knowledge on the product nor on the work system and yes however they will support to us to the maximum for the attainment of our objectives, as much at personal level as professional, distributing so many courses to us of formation as we need.

Of our part we will have to put enthusiasm, dedication, certainty and tenacity. And now it comes most wonderful from this: once we are in march and our business begins to never grow will stop doing it. And since we have felt supported by the company and its leaders and will have seen that without its support we would not have been able to leave ahead and to generate income, our time we will take care to do the same with the affiliates that we catch for the activity, worrying to us about them as to our they did it leaders of us, because on its success ours depends. Therefore we are going to help them to make money. It is not wonderful to make money helping to the others to do the same. I assure to you that she is one of the most rewarding things of this business in which nobody can be allowed to be conformista, because if therefore never does it will grow. In any business is necessary to mainly put all the meat in the spit so that it works, in the beginnings, and the MLM is not an exception. By that reason we must make understand to our affiliates that the more as a business treat this activity, the more benefits obtain.

On the contrary, if they do not put the due interest to him will stagnate and they do not leave ahead. If we let grow in them the enthusiasm and they feel helped and supported by us and the company, they will as well do the same with the affiliates that catch and they will feel happy for doing it. And he is not wonderful to be happy and for feeling realised in the work, not to feel the pressure of a head but a hand friend, anybody that helps us to make money in majors every time amounts, (what allows us to have our own style of life) and to help others to obtain the same. Personally, I believe yes that. Original author and source of the article