We Want To Be Rich By Changing Our Way Of Thinking

Long ago, fell almost by accident in my hands, a book by Robert Kiyosaki not could stop reading it, without being exaggerated, I can tell you, it opened my mind that was the beginning and continuing with the theme, I decided to buy a book of billionaire Donald Trump. Obviously, when both writers decided to meet to write a book together, couldn’t acquire it! It has no waste, we want you to be rich is a work worthy of being read and more for all those who wish to change their lives and stop suffering by not making ends meet. For this reason, I decided to make a serious of articles, counting a little, things I have learned, so that everyone can change your life and be rich. Some contend that Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University shows great expertise in this. The aim is to help us, so that we can all be rich and have the life we always dream. Currently, the world faces serious financial problems: drop in the value of currencies rising debt publishes upward price growth of the gap between the rich and the rest of the population decrease salaries. Lack of poor financial education employment these and other so many economic problems, they are already part of our life. The belief that have these two big business is: the best solution to the problem of bad financial results is changing our thinking, thinking as rich, not poor.

That is, what they are proposing to us, change our way of thinking and increase, which have been mentioned, our financial IQ. According to Robert: There are many definitions of intelligence, but a of the more practices I learned from my rich Dad: intelligence is the ability to stop problems. Increasing our financial IQ is training us and learn everything that we need to improve our knowledge of finance and take charge of getting our wealth. This is the moment just so as to increase your financial IQ, to achieve succeed and not fall into the, increasingly more large, divide that it separates the rich from the rest of the people. We believe it or not, the middle class is disappearing! What mainly these authors want us to teach, it is that we can learn and will be able to get rich by ourselves. We cannot expect others to make us rich (are empty promises and illusions). One of the keys to become rich is knowing what to do.

That is why, it is so important, be always trained. Don’t learn and participate in seminars, courses if you can, read books on business topics. The important thing is to keep abreast of, and trained to deal with a changing and in part, also uncertain world. The rich will recognise the opportunities while the poor concealed head and will as that nothing happens. Are you able to identify opportunities?


Sales, the lifeblood of the business. Nothing happens, while someone not sell something. The main objective of every business no matter what your size is to achieve have, get and increase your sales. How it accomplishes this?, via MARKETING = your goal is to sell MARKETING principle: not make money until we have not sold the merchandise, until we have not achieved that people want our product and for that is Marketing. Graphing: Product / service + Marketing = Sales and profit ($) sale: SAP, blood, breath that gives life to the business, achieve the sale of a product or service is most important for companies, is indeed paramount, we must plan every detail to get more and more sales over and over again, without sales there is no company that will surviveIt is so fundamental that we must manage new ways of closing a sale, this implies the seduction and conquest of the consumer, which is the fundamental piece in the Board of the market, it has the money, the desire to spend it, what difficult at this moment is realize that our products are are chosen.

Want more sales? Click here secrets of marketing executives have an obligation to know and find out about the latest ways to make sales, it’s an alchemy that has clear and precise ingredients, is shaped by knowledge, cunning, skill, strategy, they should handle new forms to close sales, and paramount, train your sellers to obtain profits. The objective we have to bear in mind is that today’s consumer is demanding, is an informed, and in today’s technology plays a very important role, is why you have to know every one of the new ways of achieving a sale. Types of sale sale instantly: is that in which the consumer needn’t convincing reasons to buy the product, in this sale take precedence different factors. .