Sales, the lifeblood of the business. Nothing happens, while someone not sell something. The main objective of every business no matter what your size is to achieve have, get and increase your sales. How it accomplishes this?, via MARKETING = your goal is to sell MARKETING principle: not make money until we have not sold the merchandise, until we have not achieved that people want our product and for that is Marketing. Graphing: Product / service + Marketing = Sales and profit ($) sale: SAP, blood, breath that gives life to the business, achieve the sale of a product or service is most important for companies, is indeed paramount, we must plan every detail to get more and more sales over and over again, without sales there is no company that will surviveIt is so fundamental that we must manage new ways of closing a sale, this implies the seduction and conquest of the consumer, which is the fundamental piece in the Board of the market, it has the money, the desire to spend it, what difficult at this moment is realize that our products are are chosen.

Want more sales? Click here secrets of marketing executives have an obligation to know and find out about the latest ways to make sales, it’s an alchemy that has clear and precise ingredients, is shaped by knowledge, cunning, skill, strategy, they should handle new forms to close sales, and paramount, train your sellers to obtain profits. The objective we have to bear in mind is that today’s consumer is demanding, is an informed, and in today’s technology plays a very important role, is why you have to know every one of the new ways of achieving a sale. Types of sale sale instantly: is that in which the consumer needn’t convincing reasons to buy the product, in this sale take precedence different factors. .

General Income

Arduousness provides for the establishment of a catalogue of professions with application of coefficients reducers for the conditions of greater arduousness, toxicity and underwrite between their older workers than the average of the profession and of the system. Workers employed in the REASS integration of regimes will be integrated in the General regime, through a system that ensures the comparability of its performance, enabling is a transitional period will be the revision of the situation of the special scheme for household employees for the purpose of their integration into RGSS freelancers in order to converge in the intensity of the protective action of workers self-employed workers self-employed self-employed person mean quote bases of the RETA will experience at least similar growth to the of the of the RGSS with the limit of + 1 percentage pointThis growth will not apply to age in years when economic crises have effects like loss of income or employment.Maximum contribution bases is expected to review when the economic and employment situation permits. AGREEMENT on active policies of employment and other matters of such labor reform of active policies of employment provides for two types of measures: structural: oriented to medium and long term, which implies its reform in depth through the amendment of the employment act another conjunctural, consistent character to launch in 2011 a plan of shock aimed specifically at young and long-term unemployed. Highlights: or employment programme for the transition to the stable procurement, aimed at young people up to 30 years and people on unemployment long-term, through reduction of business contributions to social security, during the first year of validity of the contract for companies that create new jobs from part-time work with a day that oscillate between 50-75% of the usual considered. The reduction will be: for companies with fewer than 250 employees: 100% for companies with equal or higher template 250 trabajador:75%.

Contracts may be indefinite and temporary at least 6 months duration. Provided incentives for the conversion of these contracts into indefinite: when the person belongs to a group of article 10 of law 35/2010; If does not belong to collective different, companies are eligible for transformation into contracts of indefinite hiring promotion article 3 law 35/2010. In both cases the transformation of the contract must occur during its first year of implementation. or program of professional requalification of persons who have exhausted their protection by unemployment from 16-02-2011 and do not meet the requirements for accessing the active insertion income. Among other measures, they will receive economic aid of 75% of the monthly IPREM accompaniment to a maximum of 6 months when the personal beneficiary does not have income exceeding 75% of the SMI. Development of the labour market reform in the present agreement commitments have been established to address the regulation of procedures regulating employment and administrative action in the field of collective transfers… And the commitment of the Government to approve a draft law regulating the Constitution of a capitalization Fund for workers prior to 2011-06-18. This document represents a brief summary of some of the measures agreed upon, in case you are interested in the issue with more breadth and depth do not hesitate to get in touch with us.