Despite the fact that there is no magic formula that guarantees success if some fundamental elements that you must consider before starting a new business. 1. It is a long process set up a business is a process with different phases that must be planned and then work hard to achieve your goals. Many people seek to reach your financial freedom and accelerate the process erronemente, with the consequential disadvantages to which this leads. Therefore the first tip is: properly plan your business project and strictly follow your plan.

This is the only way to start with good foot. 2 Answer you why you want to undertake? Some people who start businesses for the wrong reasons. You must find the reasons, that get you to become an entrepreneur able to direct your company to success. And for this you must have your clear motives from the beginning, to be able to then grab them in difficult times. 3. Do not have fear of failure the reason why many entrepreneurs leave is the fear of the future and the uncertainty to What will happen, their thoughts that can only be overcome with optimism and action. What you must have very clear is that, even if you fracasaras, it will not be the end of the world for it.

Many large employers had tremendous failures in its early days, failure or failure should be seen as a lesson in learning to start a successful business. And if you plan correctly, lowers the chance of failure. 4 Learn, undertake learning and undertake even though they seem much, are not synonymous. The entrepreneur should always be learning. Especially in the current times to succeed as entrepreneur is required to constantly update and acquiring new knowledge to be able to adequately compete. 5 Learn correctly about all procedures is essential to possess information about the formalities necessary to create a new activity. It should pay attention, because depending on the community in which you go to establish the paperwork can be different. Fortunately for a few months the Ministry of finance and administration Public has launched the EUGO portal that provides all kinds of information about the steps necessary to start a new business. EUGO is the single point of contact to help businessmen and entrepreneurs to obtain information about the options available for the home and starting up its business activity.