Features Of Genuine Nylons

Here is a brief explanation of what you can see Nylons: Basically, the real nylon stockings, of course, acted from genuine nylon yarn, has no additives such as Lycra or spandex as they are in today’s hosiery manufacturing use. This used nylon thread is a so-called endless single thread, in contrast to the currently used Multifilamanten or textured yarn, which consist of several individual filaments, and were refined with Lycra or Elathan. Due to the absence of additives and the use of 100% nylon thread, are the genuine nylon stockings little stretch, whereas modern stockings and pantyhose can be considerable and wide stretch. But just that, and the associated small wrinkles at the ankles and knees of the wearer and make the attraction of the real nylons.

Another feature of real nylons is of course the hole stretch at the end of the suture in the Double edge of the Nylons, where the suspenders are attached. There are no real nylons without this hole, which requires its manufacturing process, to find there. The seam starts at the front with the real stockings already stitched toes and extends across the heel up to the hole elongation. begins at a decorative seam stockings with this until most of the heel and ends usually already at the beginning of the double edge. Today there are only a few manufacturers, which work on the original machines, the Cotton-real nylon stockings. So much in demand these gossamer stockings. When you find real Lyngerie.de nylons and stockings and suspenders with matching up to eight suspenders offer.